Life in Kenya has become so tough that each and every Kenyan is willing to do just about anything to make ends meet.

With that said, an anonymous Kenyan man on Thursday, April 4, left jaws on the floor after disclosing how he put his life on the line just to get himself out of poverty.

The man who called in on Radio Maisha’s show Maisha Jioni narrated how he made over KSh 3 million by jumping in front of incoming cars so they could hit him and compensate him in out of court settlements.

The man disclosed that he used to jump in front of moving cars to be knocked down and get compensated by motorists. Photo: UGC.

Speaking to the Radio Maisha presenter Okumu, the Kenyan man revealed that he would make about KSh 50,000 to KSh 250,000 every month just by being hit by cars and getting paid by the drivers.

He disclosed that most drivers would believe the accidents were real but all were staged by himself with his life on the line.

The man said most drivers wanted to settle, rather pay him a substantial amount of money to avoid the up and downs involving insurance companies and police.

The man said he made over KSh 3 million through his scam. Photo: TKT.

Although he did the scan for years, he quit after making millions and opening various businesses including several MPESA shops which have been sustaining him and his family ever since.

His story left listeners in awe and many could not help but calm in to express their dismay.