Twendi Twendi hitmaker Justina Syokau has taken it upon herself to awaken the sleeping lion that is the Kenyan Hip Hop scene.

The sensational musician on Wednesday, April 17, took to social media to dare Africa’s King of rap, Khaligraph Jones for a rap battle and a possible collaboration should he feel he can represent fellow rappers.

In a daring video posted on her YouTube account and social media pages, the mother of one threw shade at Kenyan rapper as she tried to get them off their deep slumber.

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Justina Syokau claimed Kenyan rappers have been in deep slumber. Photo: Justina Syokau/Facebook.

The popular artiste rocked like a real Hip Hop artiste for the video and chose her words right while proclaiming to be the best female rapper in Africa.

Justina, through her cold salvo noted that she is disappointed at Kenyan rappers for not representing the country in the best ways possible.

She went on to encourage local rappers that it is about time they do something to salvage the genre which has been dwindling, at least according to her.


The former Grip Music N Pictures signed artiste wrapped up by giving Khaligraph Jones 24 hours to hit her DM so that they can work on something to cause ripples in the Hip Hop music scene.

“Yooooh! Yoooh! Ndio kudunda ndio kudonjo. Justina Syokau, kwani you guys don’t know am best female rapper in Africa. I am so disappointed, marapper wa Kenya wamelala. It’s about time tuwashe moto. Khaligraph Jones, I am giving you 24 hours you hit my DM. It’s about time we rock this town na mastyle deadly deadly, au sio? Am out!” Justina said in the video which has fast gone viral.

Justina Syokau gave Khaligraph Jones 24 hours to look for her so that they can work on something to awaken the dead Hip Hop music scene. Photo: Courtesy.

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The musician’s unexpected move tickled countless netizens who thronged different social media platforms to air their different opinions.

A multitude of Kenyans passed her message as just that; a joke.

Others, however, lauded her as they encouraged her to dropped some bars in a Hip Hop track to prove that indeed she is the best female rapper in Africa.

Many insisted that maybe, just maybe Hip Hop could be her forte and a genre she could use to get to even greater heights.