• Comedian Akuku Danger disclosed he will never ditch Sandra Dacha because she has proven to be loyal and can never leave him for anyone

• Akuku narrated how his boo Sandra Dacha beat up a military officer who was trying to seduce her infront of her man

Churchill Show comedian Akuku Danger has for the first time disclosed why he will forever love his girlfriend Sandra Dacha.

Akuku recently revealed that he can never ever leave Sandra Dacha because the lass equally loves him from here to Timbuktu.

Speaking during an explosive interview with Oga Obinna on Monday, July 8, Akuku stated that he loves Sandra because he knows she can never leave him either.

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Akuku Danger vowed he will never ditch Sandra Dacha because she has proven her loyalty countless times. Photo: UGC.

The witty comedian recounted one incident through which Sandra confirmed that she can never be taken away from him and how ready she is to protect their romance at all cost.

The comic reminisced how the two had been contracted to host an event in Nanyuki, where a military officer learnt his lesson the hard way for trying to woo Sandra by force.

According to Akuku, all was well until the random guy started disturbing Sandra Dacha at their table.

The comedian stated that the man wanted to have a dance with Sandra, albeit by force.

This, according to Akuku Danger infuriated his lover who responded by holding the man, slapping him severally, before asking him to disappear.


Akuku Danger reminisced on the day Sandra Dacha beat up a military officer for trying to steal her from him. Photo: Courtesy.

“Many people have been trying to shoot their shots at Sandra. Reminds me of this incident in Nanyuki. We had a show there and you know Nanyuki is full of military guys. So this man, whom we didn’t know was a military officer started disturbing Sandra and wanted to dance with her by force. Sandra didn’t want to have none of that. She just grabbed the man, slapped him severally and chased him. Luckily, the man obeyed and walked away. We learnt later that the guy was a soldier.” Akuku disclosed.

The Churchill Show comedian wrapped up by jokingly stating that he will soon impregnate Sandra so as to make their union more official.

Akuku insisted that he can never cheat on his boo Sandra because she is everything he needs from a woman.

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According to Akuku, Sandra is five women embedded in one, hence no reason to look for more.

These, Akuku Danger disclosed during his interview with Oga Obinna which has fast gone viral.

The interview was so lit that the host Oga Obinna himself admitted it was one for the books.



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