Canada-based content creator Vincent Mboya has brought social media to a standstill after claiming YouTuber Nicholas Kioko ‘s lover is a cheat.

In his usual demeanor, Mboya took to the Insta-stories updates section to disclose a hidden secrets about Kioko’s wife.

Mboya who claimed he was only trying to help a brother, disclosed that the YouTuber’s baby mama has been cheating on him with a married politician.

Vincent Mboya said he will soon release video footage to back his claims. Photo: Courtesy.

The Canada-based YouTuber revealed that he has videos and call recordings implicating Kioko’s wife.

He stated that he can release footage to prove his allegations, only that he needs to upload it on his upcoming App due to social media restrictions on nudity.

“Kioko dem yako anakucheat! I have videos and call recordings. Sijui kama ni za Kitambo ama last year but I wanna assure you si za Kitambo Sana.” Vincent wrote on IG.

Vincent Mboya accused Nicholas Kioko’s wife of cheating on the YouTube. Photo: Vincent Mboya/Instagram.

Mboya claimed Kioko’s wife may have been cheating on him but the YouTuber is not a saint either.

According to the YouTuber, Kioko too has been cheating in his wife.

“But hata Kioko bado anacheat anyway. It is a draw game,” He added.

Vincent Mboya claimed Nicholas Kioko too has been cheating on his lover. Photo: Vincent Mboya/Instagram.

Mboya’s revelation caused a melee online as netizens put both Kioko and his wife to question over the allegations.

It should be noted that Vincent has earlier threatened to leak countless bedroom videos of various local celebrities.

At first, people thought he was just trying to chase clout but he got everyone’s attention when he released just a few of the receipts he has, albeit blurred.