Kenyans have taken to different social media pages to blast Stivo Simple Boy’s former manager Chingi Boy for forcefully taking full access of the artiste’s Instagram and YouTube accounts.

A host of netizens dragged the former manager on social media for demanding KSh 150,000 for him to handover the pages back to Stivo Simple Boy.

As earlier reported by a cross section of the Kenyan media, Chingi Boy claimed he will only release the pages after receiving the money because he spent top dollar to recover them from Stivo’s former management, MIB.

Chingi Boy said he will only release the account after being paid KSh 150,000. Photo:

“It was close to KSh 150,000. I had finished paying MIB because Vagar wanted KSh 300,000. I took Instagram and YouTube because Facebook was not working. I told them to forget about the songs we did and the things I did for Stivo. I do not want them. I want my share of the money I gave Vagar,” he said during an interview with 2Mbili TV.

His demands rubbed Kenyans the wrong way and a scathing attack they launched against him.

Many dragged him online and accused him of trying to take advantage of Stivo.

A multitude insisted that he only took Stivo under his wings so that he could make money but never really cared about propelling his music career.

This comes just hours after it was reported Stivo had moved back to Kibra after being kicked out of his Buruburu house.

Chingi Boy claimed Stivo Simple Boy’s siblings made it hard for him to manage the star. Photo: Courtesy.

The star is said to have been evicted after failing to pay the rent.

His quandaries started when Chingi stopped paying the rent.

According to Chingi Boy he was paying the rent for the Buruburu apartment but Stivo’s siblings took over and kicked the artiste out.