• Makokha posted a video of himself warning people who stole his phone that he was going after them

• The actor was robbed off his phone during Jahmby Koikai’s burial at Lang’ata Cemetery

Celebrated Vioja Mahakamani actor Alphonse Makacha Makokha has sent out a scary warning to youths who jerked his phone off during Jahmby Koikai’s burial at Lang’ata Cemetery. understands the revered thespian was among hundreds of celebrities who attended Jahmby Koikai’s burial at Lang’ata Cemetery on Friday, June 14.

Well, while most Kenyans who showed up at Lang’ata Cemetery to accord Jahmby a befitting sendoff went back home with their properties, Makokha left the cemetery without his phone.

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Makokha disclosed he knows people who stole his phone during Jahmby Koikai’s burial at Lang’ata Cemetery. Photo: Alphonse Makacha Makokha/Instagram.

Being a public figure, unidentified youth thronged him upon noticing his presence at the burial ceremony and a scuffle ensued.

It was during the back and forth as he tried to exit the cemetery when a group of youths stole his phone.

The whole melee was captured on camera with footage from the same going viral on social media barely minutes after the sad incident.

On ground, Makokha kept calm but it seems he cannot do the same anymore.


The actor on Monday, June 17, took to social media and sent out a warning to people who stole his phone, holding that he was on their trail.

In a video posted on the actor’s social media pages and sighted by this writer, Makokha disclosed he know the people who jerked his phone off.

According to the thespian, people who stole his phone can no longer hide as he knows them and would duly deal with them accordingly.

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Makokha was mailed by youths who stole his phone as he attended Jahmby Koikai’s burial at Lang’ata Cemetery. Photo: Courtesy.

Makokha revealed that the thugs stole from him not knowing that he is also a man of the streets with endless connections.

The star added that the suspects are unlucky because his team will soon get a hold of them.

The legendary Kenyan actor insisted that he too is a “gangsta” and cannot be messed easily.

He, however, held that he will be smooth about it because of his social, rather celebrity status.

“Unajifanya we ndio unajua tu sana lakini tumekukemba mtu wangu. Ikiwa ulinimangia tenje yangu my friend. Wewe hauna bahati joh! Lakini pia sisi ni genje au sio. Ni vile Tu. Kaa radar, cause tunakucomia. Na si tafadhali.” Makokha said.

His warning attracted the attention of his fans who thronged the comments section of his post to reiterate it.

Others, however, could not understand if the actor was serious with his warning or just pulling jokes.

As earlier reported by a cross section of the Kenyan media, Makokha was robbed off his phoje during Jahmby Koikai’s burial at Lang’ata Cemetery.

The embarrassing incident angered many Kenyans who wondered why anyone would want to rob such a notable country’s icon.

Quite a number of Kenyans slammed the robbers holding that they should always respect our legends and accord them support whenever they need it instead of mugging them.