• The child refused to buckle up his seatbelt for takeoff, causing an hour long delay

• Airport security personnel had to intervene and throw the child and his father out of the plane

A 10-year-old kid and his father were recently tossed from a plane after the former threw a mother of all tantrums when he was asked to buckle up his seatbelt before takeoff.

According to media reports, passengers aboard a short-haul Latam flight in Colombia, could not keep their calm after the undisciplined child refused to heed instructions from crew members and his parent’s pleadings.

Thanks child’s uncontrollable tantrum was so intense that it caused a delay on the flight’s flying schedule.


The kid caused a major tantrum when he was asked to buckle up his seatbelt before takeoff: New York Post.

The event forced the captain of the plane to vacate the runway and return to the gate.

News of the child’s disturbance was first made public by a passenger in the plane who shared a video of the delay-making disturbance online, making the kid an overnight social media sensation.

New York Post reported that the child’s drama stretched out for over a full hour.

The melee attracted the attention of airport security who had to come in and eject the kid and his father from the plane.

Dear passengers, we previously informed you that, if the regulations were not complied with, we could not start the flight,” a flight attendant said on camera while describing the delay.

“Now we are waiting for the passengers who do not comply with the regulation to please disembark.” she added.

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Airport security were forced to throw the child and his dad off the plane after causing an hour long delay. Photo: New York Post.

The child caused quite a melee that many passengers aboard the plane had to reprimand his father for failing to keep his kid in line.

Having experienced an hour-long delay, passengers in the plane could be heard yelling at the father to “get off” the aircraft.

The situation could have escalated to a whole new level but security personnel arrived just on time and escorted the pair from the plane.

While most passengers seemed to support the airline’s decision, one woman could be heard defending the child and his father.

The issue spilled over to social media where countless people condemned both the dad and his child for being inconsiderate.