• Huddah Monroe disclosed she will soon open her own church so that she can genuinely help people looking for spiritual nourishment

• According to the socialite, many pastors have been taking advantage of their congregants and making millions while at it

Hot and popular socialite Huddah Monroe has come out guns blazing, dragging several Kenyan pastors preaching about prosperity ministry on social media.

The celebrated socialite, through social media blasted the likes of Pastor Kanyari and Ng’ang’a as she accused them of taking advantage of naive people, mostly in rural areas.

In a series of Insta-stories updates on her official Instagram page, the beauty said it is about time Kenyans take action against such pastors.


Huddah Monroe took to social media to troll pastors who have been taking advantage of naive Kenyans. Photo: UGC.

“These pastors take advantage of people who are hopeless and looking for help. Some are alcoholics/drugs addicts looking to change. Some poverty. Some sick. But you demoralise them this much instead of giving them HOPE,” Huddah wrote.

The lass went on to state that pastors who con or take advantage of their congregants should be shut down immediately instead of praising and laughing at their shenanigans online.

“We laugh but these kinds of humans should be shut down. People go to church looking for hope. Looking for goodness and mercy of God for a better life, to get out of debt, poverty, addiction and sickness. And you tell them this, honestly?” She added.

With that said, the socialite dropped hints that she would soon open her own church all in a bid to show the fake pastor how God’s ministry should be done.

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Huddah Monroe accused prosperity pastors of taking advantage of Kenyans who are looking for help through religion. Photo: Huddah The Boss Chick/Instagram.
Huddah Monroe declared that she will open her own church soon. Photo: Huddah The Boss Chick/Instagram.

“I must open a church. Huddah Prosperity Church. Transforming lives. HPC.” Huddah posted.

The socialite backed her declaration with a statement explaining why she has to do something to change things.

According to the beautiful lady, she will do everything under her power to see her church up and running because God’s ministry has always been her true calling.

Huddah claimed Pastor Ng’ang’a, Kanyari and the likes should be shut down. Photo: Huddah The Boss Chick/Instagram.

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“We can’t continue to sit and watch these people fool our parents, brothers, sisters, cousins. Taking advantage of their vulnerability. I need preachers(I am not a preacher. I can barely talk on a podium. I know some pastors who hit on me in my DM. I will ask for them for help to set this up. This is my true calling.” She said.

These, the international socialite disclosed while dissecting a viral video of Pastor Ng’ang’a, in which he mercilessly embarrassed some members of his congregation.