Self-proclaimed President of Coast Music Kelechi Africanna has vehemently shut down claims that he has been “kept” by a sugar mummy in Nairobi.

The musician who has been battling allegations of living off rich old women distanced himself from the accusations as he confirmed his financial status and ability.


Speaking during a candid interview with Pwani FM on Friday, April 12, the Ring crooner said he can take care of himself and his bills without depending on wamama.

Kelechi said he has been supporting himself in Nairobi with proceeds from his music. Photo: Kelechi Africanna/Facebook.

According to Kelechi, he has his own house in Nairobi which he pays for himself.

The star noted that some artistes from Mombasa can corroborate his claims since he has been hosting a couple of them whenever they visit the capital city.

The musician reiterated that he has been making enough money from his music and other side hustles to sustain himself in Nairobi.

He added that he has sufficient funds which have also been helping him to run and manage his studio Fleek Made It.

Kelechi disclosed he has hosted countless music colleagues from Mombasa who can he lives in his own house and not at mumamaz’s. Photo: Pwani FM.

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“Sijaekwa na Mumamaz. Niko na kwangu jijini Nairobi hata wasanii wa Pwani wakija wanaishi kwangu,” Kelechi said.

For some time now, Kelechi has been receiving incessant attacks from his colleagues who have been dragging him online for bragging with mumamaz’s wealthy.

Many people who have been criticising the artiste over the aforementioned insisted his music has not been doing good hence cannot afford to live the flashy lifestyle he has been flaunting on social media.

Kelechi is one of the few musicians from the Coast who have been booking countless shows across the country. Photo: Kelechi Africanna/Facebook.

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Wamamaz or not, it is important to note that Kelechi is one of the most successful musicians from Mombasa.

He has been booking countless shows across the country, not to mention thousands of money streaming in from online music streaming Apps.

With that said, it is safe to state that he may be telling the truth about him not being “kept” by a sugar mummy in Nairobi.