Celebrated Nairobi-based Mombasa singer Kelechi Africana has once again launched a scathing attack against fellow Coast artistes.

The musician on Monday, April 15 2024, took to his official social media pages to bash fellow stars for being part and parcel of the many problems facing the Coast Music Industry.

According to the Ring hitmaker, the Coast Music Industry has been growing at a very slow pace because many musicians are lazy, jealousy and snitches.

Kelechi claimed most Coast artistes are snitches. Photo: Kelechi Africanna/Facebook.

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Through his post, Kelechi insisted that most Coast artistes are small minded people who cannot think of great strategies to spiral the music industry upwards.

He reiterated that only a few are smart and know what they are doing.

“Coast industry is full of small minded people who know a few politicians that receive most costal tenders … Majority are snitches and only a few know what they are doing … What am I doing 😟😟😟 naeza kuwa pia mimi sijui kitu 😅😅😅,” he wrote.


His sentiments were echoed by tens of his music colleagues, industry players and music lovers who admitted that indeed the Coast Music Industry is filled with many jealous and evil artiste whose main aim is to stagnate the industry’s growth.

Many netizens who camped in the comments section of his posts held that tye Coast Music Industry has great potential only that hate amongst artistes has been prevalent.

Kelechi said the growth of Coast Music Industry is slow because of small minded people/artistes. Photo: Kelechi Africana/Facebook.

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Kelechi’s attack on fellow music acts comes just days after blogger Machampali claimed no local artiste can fill up venues in Mombasa.

The blogger disclosed that music fans from the region have not been doing justice to their favourite artistes by snubbing their shows and events.

Machampali noted that Coast artistes are capable and can do great things with support from their fans.

The media personality’s remarks caused ripples online with different people taking sides as they addressed his claims.

While at it, Kelechi publicly claimed through a social media post sighted by MGAHAWANI.com that only him and Masauti can fill up venues in Mombasa.