The Bible has in various books, chapters and verses supported marriage.

While marriage may be one of the fundamental rites of passage in Christianity, the same could hinder the work of God hence the need to do away with it, at least according to gospel singer Christina Shusho.

The Shusha Nyavu hitmaker recently left her fans in awe after it became public that she had separated from her dear husband.

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Christina Shusho said she left her marriage to serve God efficiently. Photo: UGC.

News of their separation left a multitude of her followers with more questions than answers.

However, their uncertainty was recently settled after Shusho finally disclosed reasons behind the unexpected separation.


Speaking during an interview with New Jerusalem Church TV, the star revealed that he left hubby so that he could do God’s assignment efficiently and effectively.

According to Shusho, the calling gave her a season that could not allow her to stay where she was.

Christina Shusho disclosed that their separation was amicable. Photo: Christina Shusho/YouTube.

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“For me, acha niongee tu roho safi… I have never been fake, and I don’t lie. The truth is, it’s just an assignment. There is nothing different other than that. The assignment God has given me this season cannot allow me to stay where I was. I had to leave to go fulfill the assignment,” she said.

It is important to note that Shusho and hubby have been married for over a decade. understands the two ministers have children together and have also been working together under their own ministry.