A section of Kenyan women are an angry lot after learning how comedian Oga Obinna and his mentee Dem Wa Facebook are getting even closer by the day.

This became apparent on Monday, April 15, as some netizens took to social media to raise concerns over Oga Obinna’s closeness with the upcoming comic.


Airing their concerns via the Kenyan Shade Room Facebook group, some random social media explained that they are worried the two might end up marrying each other.

Oga Obinna and Dem Wa Facebook have been working together on different content. Photo: Courtesy.

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Many claimed Obinna and Dem Wa Facebook’s professional relationship is first becoming intimate, something that may spark romance between them.

Some ladies wondered how Dem Wa Facebook could spend time at Obinna’s place until 2.00am.

According to the concerned ladies, the two can create content during the day and do not necessarily have to hang out till the wee hours of the morning at the comedian’s home.

“Kidogo kidogo tu them boom mtasikia wameoana 😋😋Jana alikua Kwa obinna 2 am wakiwa live TikTok 😂😂and obinna made a public announcement concerning them😂🙈,” a random social media user posted.

Quite a number of fellow ladies agreed with her but others shut down the same, holding that the two creatives are just together for work.

A netizen claimed Obinna and Dem Wa Facebook’s closeness is worrying. Photo: The Kenyan Shade Room/Facebook.

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The group that defended Obinna and Dem Wa Facebook insisted that all the former has been doing is trying to hold the latter’s hand.

Several women insisted that both Obinna and Dem have been making money through their collaboration as haters make noise online.

It should be noted that Obinna has in the recent past been featuring Dem Wa Facebook on his shows and even launched a show together dubbed The Weekly Show.

Through the collaboration, Obinna has managed to give Dem Wa Facebook many eyeballs and moving her closer to stardom and endorsement deals.