Revered Sweden-based Kenyan singer Lioness Afreeka has once again flown the Kenyan flag up high after landing a nomination in an international cultural and arts awards. has learnt Lioness Afreeka who has lived in Sweden for close to a decade was recently nominated in the prestigious SJA Art Culture and Music Awards, for her role in transforming lives across the world using art.

It should be noted that Lioness Afreeka bagged the nomination for not only using art to transform communities but also for being a beacon of inspiration and empowerment within the global entertainment community.

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Lioness Afreeka was recently nominated for the SJA Art Culture and Music Awards. Photo: Courtesy.

Lioness Afreeka may be a singer, actress and an events organiser but her role in community work cannot go unmentioned. has learnt the popular songstress is the chairlady of Wimbi La Pwani, which is an NGO dedicated to uplifting young Kenyans in different ways.

Quite a multitude of people across the world have been rallying support for her win at the SJA Art Culture and Music Awards with strong belief that the win will not just validate her tireless efforts in changing the world but also propel her brand to even greater heights.

Having been in the music industry and community development world for close to two decades, the singer stands a great chance to bag the award and elevate to new levels of success, cementing her legacy as a true trailblazer and talent the the global music scene.

You can vote for Lioness Afreeka by visiting the SJA Art Culture and Music Awards website and click on her profile.

One can vote as many times as possible.

Lioness Afreeka celebrated her nomination by releasing a new song dubbed Jättebra. Photo: Lioness Afreeka/Facebook.

To celebrate her nomination on this important world awards, Lioness Afreeka released a brand new song dubbed Jättebra.

Her new release received a welcome from music lovers allover with many holding that she is the next big thing in the international music scene.

Jättebra, which was officially released a couple of days ago has fast gone viral, earning Lioness Afreeka a seat at the high table as far as music ratings is concerned.

The singer will be dropping the official visual for her new song Jattebra soon. understands Lioness Afreeka has been in the industry for a minute having been part of the one time hottest music group Big Matata.

While still in Big Matata, the laid back songstress managed to do countless music tour with the band locally and abroad.

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Lioness Afreeka has been causing ripples in the international music scene. Photo: Courtesy.

Of importance to note is the fact that Lioness Afreeka dropped her debut album in 2005 and her star shone even brighter when she toured Italy for a series of concerts.

The singer may have faced countless challenges while starting off as a single artiste abroad but still managed to break the barriers and opened for a number of big time artistes during various concerts in Europe.

This writer understands Lioness Afreeka was lucky to open for various top music acts such as Mikal Rose, Gentleman, Nameless and Diamond Platnumz just to mention a few.

While releasing singles ,Lioness Afreeka was on focus and aimed for massive success in the industry.

Her comeback was greatly felt in 2018 when she released hit songs Roar and Nakereka.

Following her success then, the songstress got the opportunity to collaborate with several Kenyan producers on different riddims.

Lioness Afreeka has 2 EPs namely Afro Reggae Mania and Amkowa which are available on all digital platforms.


It is paramount to note that Lioness Afreeka relocated one more time to Sweden in 2020 at the height of the pandemic.

While in Sweden, Lioness Afreeka has kept on spreading the good vibes of music to the world.

Being one of the go to music acts in Sweden, the star has already performed at Klubb Mariama in Stockholm on 13th november 2021.

She has also been part of a series of performances with Konstull organization in Stockholm.

Lioness Afreeka is set for a number of shows in Sweden following the release of her new song Jatte Bra. Photo: Lioness Afreeka/Facebook.

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She has also performed at the Vasterås City Festival which went down on September 16, 2023 at African Jazz Club in Stockholm and Jaba Festival, held in Kenya on December, 23 2023.

The musician is scheduled for the Futures Festival set for March 22, 2024 in Norrkoping.

Lioness Afreeka is looking forward to connect with more event organisers in a bid to get platforms she can use to exhibit her music.