On Monday, September 3, 2007, Kenyan musician Lady S died in a road accident along Thika Road, just near the GSU headquarters around AllSoaps.

Her boyfriend, who sustained serious injuries, was driving the car.

However, Lady S who didn’t have her seat belt on, succumbed to the injuries shortly after at Guru Nanak Hospital, Ngara.

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Lady S was one of the most promising female artistes signed under Calif Records. Photo: Courtesy.

Information reaching intimate that s was to travel to the UK for a show that following Thursday.

Rumour had it that even her record label, Calif Records, did not know about the UK music tour.

17 years later, Calif Records still maintains the same sentiments, at least according to John Mosh Muchiri, a revered journalist and online entertainment commentator.

According to Arton Khainga, who was managing all the artists signed under Calif Records, he learned about the Lady S’ show when they got to the hospital following the fatal accident that claimed her life.

“I didn’t even know that Lady S had a passport,” Said Arton during an interview with John Mosh Muchiri .


Lady S was part of an all girl’s music group called Calif Angels. Photo: Ngomma/YouTube.

“As Calif, we had nothing to do with the UK show. We came to understand that it was all planned by politician Mugabe Were, who later became the MP for Embakasi.” He added.

Unfortunately, a few months later, Mugabe Were was gunned down just after clinching the Embakasi parliamentary seat.

But why did Lady S bypass her label in the UK deal?

“At Calif, it was very common for artists to have shows under the carpet without us knowing,” Arton disclosed.

“We had two managers at that time. Charles ‘Taller’ Abungu and I. Sometimes promoters would call us saying that they had paid our artists but they had not arrived at the show, yet we didn’t know about it.” Arton added.

However, according to close friend and label mate Bishop Kabisa, Lady S was not planning to come back to Kenya after the UK show.

“She told me she was going to try her luck in getting UK residency after the show,” Said Bishop in an exclusive interview with this John Mosh Muchiri.

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Lady S was scheduled for her first ever International show in the UK. Photo: Courtesy.

“She was the bread winner in her family, music was not paying enough, so she was trying everything to help her family.” Bishop noted.

Lady S was a member of the all-girl group, Calif Angels, together the Ratatat and Choku.

Her sudden demise shook the Nation and somewhat created a gap in the much-competitive music industry.

Quite a number of people had noted that she was destined for greatness and was in line to become the next biggest thing as far as female rappers are concerned.