Sean Paul Accuses Jay Z Of Ending His Career Over Beyonce

Sean Paul who was featured by Beyonce in her song Baby Boy disclosed that her husband blacklisted him in the US and other countries he had influence over.

Taylor Swift Gets Stuck On Stage Following Malfunction During Her Dublin Show

A TikTok video showing a close-up of Taylor Swift 's facial expressions had her flashing a smile following the stage malfunction before gathering the courage to proceed with her performance.

Joe Biden Is Still The Best Bet To Beat Trump In Upcoming Election, Allies...

Joe Biden 's allies acknowledged his subdued performance but held that he is still the best bet to trample over former President Donald Trump and win the top seat in the upcoming general election in November 2024.

Philadelphia: Donald Trump Decides On His Running Mate

Trump disclosed that his vice presidential pick will “most likely” be present during Thursday’s debate against President Joe Biden.

President Putin Says Russia Might Send Weapons To North Korea

It should be noted President Putin had in earlier June warned that Russia might supply weapons to Western adversaries since the West has been keen on supplying Ukraine with weapons and allowing it to use them on targets inside his country.

10-Year-Old Child Thrown Off Plane After Refusing To Buckle Up Seatbelt, Causing Massive Delay

The child caused quite a melee that many passengers aboard the plane had to reprimand his father for failing to keep his kid in line.

Sweden-Based Kenyan Singer Lioness Afreeka Nominated For Prestigious SJA International Award

0 has learnt the popular singer is the chairlady of Wimbi La Pwani, which is an NGO dedicated to uplifting young Kenyans in different ways.

Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce Officials Say Diddy’s Walk Of Fame Won’t Be Removed

Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce insisted that Diddy may be facing seven lawsuits including sexual assault, a federal criminal investigation and other charges but his star cannot just be removed.

Exclusive: Why Much-Anticipated Madaraka Festival Was Postponed

Speaking exclusively to John Mosh Muchiri after the postponement announcement, Madaraka Festival organiser Simon Javan Okelo set the record straight on why they resorted to that decision.

Kenyans Rant As Butita, Other Content Creators Accompany President Ruto On US State Visit

According to countless netizens, there was nothing important the contents creators were supposed to do for the President and the country a whole with their presence in the land of milk and honey.

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