• Baniyas Square management disclosed haters sneaked the name of the club in the list of businesses that Kenyans should boycott during the Reject Finance Bill 2024 campaign

• Reject Finance Bill 2024 protestors in Eldoret attacked Baniyas Square despite efforts from the club’s management to make it bare that it is not owned by any Kenyan politician

Kenyans across the country have come out in large numbers to rally support for Eldoret Club Baniyas Square’s proprietors and revellers hours after demonstrators caused massive damages at the establishment during the Tuesday, June 26, Reject Finance Bill demos.

A major online campaign was launched by Kenyans on Wednesday, June 26, as they urged a section of the public to stop malicious intent against the popular Eldoret wet hole.

Riding with the hashtag, #IStandWithBaniyasSquare, a multitude of netizens shunned the destruction of property at the establishment and the perpetrators for being used to bring down hardworking businessmen and women in the city.


Protestors attacked Baniyas Square and caused massive loss amounting to millions of shillings. Photo: Exclusive/Courtesy. has learnt the malicious attack on the club and the subsequent losses amounting to over KSh 40 million unfolded despite an earlier public statement offered by the club’s management distancing itself from politicians and political devides.

Reject Finance Bill 2024 protestors in Eldoret attacked the popular entertainment joint despite efforts from the club’s management to make it bare that it is not owned by any Kenyan politician.

According to Baniyas Square management, the establishment is owned by a hardworking young Kenyan and not by any politician nor is it affiliated to any political side.

In an official public statement released just hours before the damages, the club urged the public to ignore reports moving around that it is owned by a politician.

Baniyas Square management stated that it was unfortunate that someone sneaked it’s name into the list of businesses Kenyans should boycott and even attack in the wake of the Tuesday’s Reject Finance Bill 2024 demos across the country.

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“To all our esteemed patrons,

Our attention has been drawn to a misleading write-up doing rounds across the internet.

In that write-up, Kenyans are urged to boycott various businesses belonging to politicians who have assented to the Finance Bill, 2024.

Unfortunately, among the many business outlined is Baniyas Square (Eldoret). It appears that someone, either maliciously or ignorantly, sneaked our establishment into the list of businesses Kenyans should boycott.

We wish to categorically state that Baniyas Square (Eldoret) is NOT affiliated with a politician or any political outfit.

We wish to notify all Baniyas Square patrons and the general clientele that our name appears in the list wrongfully.

KINDLY IGNORE the message and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

Additionally, the Baniyas Square management wishes to state that the people’s voice is the voice of God. Kenyans have made their stand on the Finance Bill 2024.

We wish to emphatically state that we stand on the right side of history.

By Management
Baniyas Square Ltd.”
The statement read.

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Following the invasion, the establishment suffered major losses as demonstrators destroyed the club’s expensive sound system, other electronics and millions worth of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Sources intimate to Baniyas Square management hissed that the attack on the night spot seems malicious since the club was targeted even after showing, rather confirming their support for the Reject Finance Bill 2024 campaign.

An earlier video captured at the establishment had confirmed that the management was among Kenyan businesses opposing the Finance Bill 2024.

In the video which has fast gone viral, a deejay at the club was spotted pausing the music to allow revellers to chant anti-Finance Bill slogans, a clear indication of the club’s position in the whole debacle.