• Baddest 47 said he was supposed to be in the Sensema song but was played by Producer S2Kizzy, Rayvanny and Harmonize

• Some TZ celebrities and music lovers dragged Rayvanny and Harmonize online for doing Baddest 47 dirty

Former WCB artistes Rayvanny and Harmonize have stumbled upon an unprecedented scandal barely a fortnight after dropping their hit song Sensema.

No sooner had the two musicians enjoyed the numbers accrued through the jam than an upcoming Tanzanian artiste came out to accuse them of doing a number on him. understands fast-rising Tanzanian musician and producer Baddest 47 recent came out guns blazing, accusing Rayvanny and Harmonize of stealing his hit song.


Rayvanny and Harmonize are currently riding high with their hit collabo Sensema. Photo: Courtesy.

Baddest 47 Speaks

Speaking during an interview with Tanzanian online media, Baddest 47 disclosed that Sensema was his song, rather he was supposed to be featured in it but Rayvanny and Harmonize elbowed him out and released it without his verse.

According to Baddest 47, Producer S2Kizzy had given him the instrumental for Sensema and he had actually dropped bars on it the latter short-changed him by giving Rayvanny and Harmonize the same beat.

Baddest 47 admitted that he had concluded all the arrangements with S2Kizzy but the producer went behind his back and gave the former WCB stars the beat which they actually killed, released it and garnered impressive numbers with it.

Baddest 47 accused Rayvanny and Harmonize of hijacking his song Sensema. Photo: Millard Ayo.

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Rayvanny’s Defence

“Actually, S2Kizzy gave me the beat after begging him for years. I did the song and was looking forward to releasing it. However, someone called me and told me that they had heard something similar to my yet to be released song. That is when I knew S2Kizzy had played me.” Baddest 47 said.

His sentiments were echoed by popular social media commentator Baba Levo who bashed S2Kizzy for doing Baddest 47 dirty.

Baba Levo, during an interview with Wasafi TV condemned S2Kizzy for being confused by money and fame from Rayvanny and Harmonize, betraying a talented upcoming musician while at it.

Baddest 47’s claims were corroborated by Rayvanny who admitted that indeed the former was supposed to be in the Sensema song.

The Tetema hitmaker disclosed during an interview with Lil Ommy that Baddest 47 was supposed to be included in the collaboration but he was not due to marketing issues.

According to the former WCB singer, his team and that of Harmonize thought it wise to slice Baddest 47 off the song for it to go viral.

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He added that Baddest 47 should not feel bad about it because most artistes don’t get what they always want in most arrangements.

Rayvanny wrapped up by stating that Baddest 47’s rant was unnecessary and that he should let the Sensema collaboration between him and Harmonize to go viral as it might help him indirectly in the long run.

The Next Level Music CEO also noted that many are times he has been cut off collabos he had worked on but did not feel bad about it.



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