Social media has fast become one of the most important tools for different brands and businesses to push their products and accrue influence while at it.

With that said, many people, celebrities and even “commoners” have been working hard to make their presence online felt.

For that reason, though it wise to compile a list of Top 5 most followed celebrities on social media as at April 2024.

Several celebrities have been thriving on social media by commanding massive following. Photo: Courtesy.

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It should be noted that top accounts/pages vary considerably across different platforms, but there are some which feature in multiple lists.

Today, we will focus on top 5 most followed personalities overall.

  1. Christiano Ronaldo – 905.3 Million Followers

The star footballer does not have a TikTok page but is impressive Instagram following of over 600 million followers, together with over 100 million more followers both on Twitter(X) and Facebook puts him at the top of the table.


Christiano Ronaldo is the top most followed public figure on social media. Photo:
  1. Selena Gomez – 690.9 Million Followers

The young songstress may have gone MIA as far as dropping new songs is concerned but still commands a massive following on social media.

Selena Gomez commands a massive following online. Photo: Courtesy.
  1. Justin Bieber – 594 Million Followers

It goes without saying that Justin Bieber is the darling of many young music lovers, especially ladies who love his songs to the core.

With the love, comes a substantial amount of influence which has garnered him millions on followers across all platforms.

Justin Bieber is the third most followed individual on social media. Photo: Variety.

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  1. Taylor Swift – 540.6 Million Followers

Apart from her music, Taylor Swift has been moving quite a multitude with her unrivalled beauty.

Mixing the two gives her nothing but success on social media with more and more followers following her by the day.

Taylor Swift boasts of massive influence on social media. Photo: UGC.
  1. Ariana Grande – 510.3 Million Followers

Ariana maybe the youngest in the list but her influence online is something that cannot be ignored.

Ariana Grande closes the list of top 5 most followed celebrities on social media. Photo: Courtesy.


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