Content creator Baba Talisha has come out to address countless allegations leveled against him following the sudden demise of his close friend and TikToker Brian Chira.

Baba Talisha, who has been dealing with a myriad of accusations concerning Brian Chira’s death and his subsequent burial.

For starters, there were allegations that he knows what exactly happened to Brian Chira, leading to his death.

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Baba Talisha shut down claims that he wanted Brian Chira dead. Photo: Courtesy.

A number of netizens had come out to accuse Baba Talisha of spewing lies about what caused Chira’s death yet he knew the real cause.

It was also alleged that he took advantage of the position he held during the funeral arrangements for the late TikToker with quite a multitude of netizens accusing him of ‘stealing’ money meant for Chira’s funeral.

Some even went as far as accusing him of killing Chira, rather plotting for his death so that he could mint some money meant for his funeral and burial.

Well, all the accusations got to Baba Talisha who finally decided to dilute them with solid proof through a TikTok video sighted by

To start with, Baba Talisha vehemently denied having a hand in Chira’s death holding that he had no reasons to do so.

Baba T reiterated no one, including him wanted Chira dead since no one could benefit in any way with the death of the popular TikToker.

He also played a number of phone call recordings of his communication with other people from the moment he learnt of Chira’s sudden demise.


“I am just waking up. I have seen a lot of stories flying around. Some saying I killed Chira. I never wanted Chira dead because his death could not benefit me in any way. Not just me, no one wanted Chira dead. Of what benefit could Chira’s death bring to anyone. I will share everything, including phone recordings of calls I received from the moment I was informed of Chira’s death.” Baba T disclosed.

The latest development comes barely two months after Chira was laid to rest.

Baba Talisha had been accused of ‘eating’ funds raised for Brian Chira’s funeral. Photo: UGC.

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Following his demise and subsequent burial, Baba Talisha was on the forefront in overseeing funeral contributions, liasing with the deceased’s family and even be in charge of his burial.

Not long after Chira’s burial, some people came out to claim Baba Talisha stole a substantial amount of money from the funds meant for Chira’s funeral, allegations he has shut down vehemently.