Former Kiss 100 presenter Oga Obinna has attracted a fair share of controversy after splashing about KSh 230,000 to buy his mentee Dem Wa Facebook an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Obinna explained that he decided to gift Dem Wa Facebook with a decent phone so that she can produce quality content for her worldwide fans.


The comedian who made the revelation through his The Weekly Show which features the fast-rising comedienne insisted that all he wants is for the comic to maintain quality of her content and consistency even as she rises at a supersonic speed.

Oga Obinna asked their TikTok for contributions towards Dem Wa Facebook’s iPhone. Photo

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The star revealed the purchase was made possible with the help of their TikTok fans whom he had earlier asked for financial contributions.

“Tumekuwa for the last one-week tukichangachanga and for now we have KSh 77,000 which we are trying to get Dem Wa Facebook a better phone so that asichome akishoot video inakaa funny kama mtu ako kwa mawingu. Though we had a live session tukatukanwa, other people walichanga and we are grateful.” Obinna said.

His kind gesture impressed many netizens who heaped praises on him for being such a considerate mentor.

Others, however, picked issue with him holding that the iPhone was not that expensive to disturb Kenyans with his financial plea.

Oga Obinna and Kenyans on TikTok raised about KSh 230k for Dem Wa Facebook’s iPhone 13 Pro Max. Photo: UGC.

Obinna’s critics insisted that he should have spent his own money to buy Dem Wa Facebook an iPhone since he is well off instead of asking for help from fans.

Responding to his tormentors, the comedian noted that he could not buy the phone alone because Dem Wa Facebook has been and will keep entertaining many Kenyans online.

“It hit me at first when going live because Dem Wa Facebook entertains you guys. Ni mtu wenu guys. Anawa-entertain, anawabamba then I was like, yes, I can decide and get her a phone, but I wanted you guys we come together as a family and appreciate her for the content she does by getting her a phone.” Oga Obinna explained.

Obinna wrapped up by disclosing that his focus will now be on givimg Dem Wa Facebook a complete wardrobe makeover so that she can look appealing in content she will be shooting and uploading online using the new iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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Oga Obinna has been mentoring Dem Wa Facebook on matters content creation. Photo: Oga Obinna At De Top/Instagram.

Just recently, a section of Kenyans on social media raised concerns over his close relationship with Dem Wa Facebook.

A number of netizens claimed their closeness is worrying and they will not be shocked if the two marry each other.

The two have been working together for the past few weeks with Obinna trying to accumulate eyeballs for the upcoming comedian.

Barely a month after their collaboration, Obinna has totally changed Dem’s life with the future looking even brighter for her.



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