It is every musician’s dream to receive the much needed love and support from fans across the globe and Kelechi Africana is not an exception.

It is even better for them when they get the support from their colleagues and music lovers from different spheres of life.

With that said, countless musicians usually take to social media to appreciate and thank their supporters for pushing their music and brands to even greater heights.

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Kelechi Africana’s song Amkeni Nimeanza Kupendwa has been trending on TikTok ever since it’s release. Photo: Kelechi Africana/Facebook.

The aforementioned is exactly what happened with singer Kelechi Africana recently after countless notable personalities jumped on a TikTok challenge aimed at promoting his new song Amkeni Nimeanza Kupendwa. understands the artist recently released his new jam Amkeni Nimeanza Kupendwa which was received well by fans across the world.

The song is such a hit that hundreds of netizens, including politicians could not help but join the challenge on TikTok.

Among them is none other than nominated Nairobi Senator Karen Nyamu.


Karen Nyamu posted a video of herself singing along to Kelechi’s new song. Photo: Kelechi Africana/Facebook.

The politician took a video of herself singing along to Kelechi Africana’s song while in her car.

Looking at Karen Nyamu’s wide smile and body language, it is clear the song touched her to the core.

With her joining the challenge, Kelechi’s song accrued even more numbers on TikTok, YouTube and other music streaming platforms.

Karen proved that she not only loves Kelechi and his music but Kenyan music in general and she is willing to support local artists in the best way possible.

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Celebrating the feat, Kelechi took to Facebook and posted the video of Karen Nyamu jamming to his song.

On his caption, Kelechi challenged fellow musicians to try and do great music that could be listened to by VIPs.

He also used the opportunity to throw shade at a female Mombasa radio presenter who had earlier picked a bone to chew with him.

“Mtu aige tuone 🤣🤣🤣🤣 kama namuona senetor nyamu akipea kijana handsome support. Makku ulisema hii nyimbo nimei copy wapi vile ????” He wrote.

His post attracted the attention of his fans who camped in the comments section to heap praises on him.