Dancehall Beast Frankie Dee’s manager Vincent Kras has disclosed why one-time popular Dancehall music group Ziggy Zaw disappeared into oblivion.

Kras, in a long and detailed Facebook post seen by revealed how Dancehall star Redsan played a major role in the disappearance of the promising Coast-based Dancehall group.

As the story goes, Redsan met the group, which consisted of Fidempa, Fidelai and Ziggy Zaw Sub-King in Nairobi during the Israel Vibration concert held in 2006.

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A member of Ziggy Zaw disclosed to Vincent Kras how Redsan killed their music career. Photo: Vincent Kras/Facebook.

The star was immediately impressed by the Dancehall group and promised to help them catapult their music career to even greater heights.

The Shika Glasi crooner who was backstage at the event was impressed by the crew’s opening set and admired their energy and swagg.

He was prompted to look for them and promised to sign them under his Dutty Sounds label.

In late 2006, Redsan officially made it public that he had signed the group.

This, he disclosed during a music festival held at Mamba Village Mombasa, where he introduced Ziggy Zaw on stage and did a performance with them.

The star announced that he had signed them and would later do several other shows with them, albeit under Dutty Sounds.

Redsan signed Ziggy Zaw to his label Dutty Sounds but did nothing to propel their career. Photo: Vincent Kras/Facebook.

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Ziggy Zaw dropped only two singles that did not see the light of day.

The turn of events left Ziggy Zaw with belief that Redsan used and dumped them.

According to the group, Redsan intentionally fixed himself to the group all in a bid to kill it as he feared they would topple him over as the King of Dancehall music in Kenya.

According to Ziggy Zaw who shared their story with Vincent Kras, Redsan felt Fidempa who was the group’s lead singer was a threat to his Dancehall dominance and wanted him out of the crew.

It is reported that Fidempa had told Redsan that he could make bigger hit songs than him, a statement he took as disrespect.

The two have never been in good terms ever since.

Ziggy Zaw disclosed to Kras that Redsan knew what he was doing and successfully managed to cause a rift between the group and their subsequent breakup.


Redsan is said to have been threatened by Ziggy Zaw lead act Fidempa’s prowess. Photo: Courtesy.

Following their fall out with Redsan, Ziggy Zaw met yet another huge set back when the then Coast showbizz Guru, Samora Machel.

Samora took over as the group’s manager and pumped in over KSh 500,000 to their ‘Concrete’ album which was produced at Ketebul Music.

However, Ziggy Zaw’s future became bleak when Samora went silent on them just months into their partnership.

Fidempa would later relocate to Uganda where he teamed up with Bebe Cool and dropped some massive hit songs.

To date Fidempa is still a big name in Uganda.

Ziggy Zaw SuB-king relocated to Qatar for greener pastures while the other member, Fidelai turned to business in Nairobi.