Fast-rising content creator Rogers Lugose has put to rest the old age argument on why Kenyans living abroad do not support Kenyan businesses and brands.

Lugose, who lives in Germany on Saturday, April 21, took to social media to show, rather prove why it has been difficult for Kenyan in diaspora to buy Kenyan products.

The content creator posted a screengrab showing how much ‘Raha Premium’ maize flour goes for in Germany and went to disclose why accessing such produce abroad has been quite a challenge.

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Rogers Lugose disclosed exporters and retailers abroad have been hiking prices for Kenyan produce making it difficult for Kenyans in diaspora to afford them. Photo: Rogers Lugose/Facebook.

In a Facebook post sighted by, Rogers Lugose noted that Kenyans in diaspora are very much willing to buy products from Kenya only that their prices are very steep.

According to Lugose, both manufacturers back at home and stockists abroad usually inflate prices for products such as maize flour and tea leaves, making it impossible for Kenyans living abroad to afford them easily.

In his photo post, the YouTuber made it public that some stores in Germany have been selling 1KG packets of maize flour for over KSh 800 each, a product that goes for below KSh 200 back in Kenya.

“Kenyans abroad don’t support Kenyan businesses:

The Business: “ Lugose wrote on Facebook.


Rogers Lugose made the shocking revelation through his Facebook page. Photo: Rogers Lugose/Facebook.
A 1KG packet of Raha Premium maize flour goes for over KSh 800 in some parts of Germany. Photo: Rogers Lugose/Facebook.

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Lugose’s post on Facebook sparked mixed reactions online with a multitude of netizens backing his sentiments.

Other Kenyans who live in different countries abroad joined him in calling out exporters of Kenyan producer and retailers who have been hiking prices for sentimental products.

Many people who echoed Lugose’s sentiments insisted they are willing to build Kenya by buying local products but the prices have been putting them off.