What do you think can happen to you if you spent about 93 days underwater?

Well, the results for the aforementioned were recently confirmed after a man spent three months submerged in the ocean. has learnt the man, Joseph Dituri who is a retired naval officer recently stunned the world after spending three months underwater and coming out looking 10 years younger.

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Dituri spent 93 days under the Atlantic Ocean. Photo: Courtesy.

According to Mirror UK, the retired Army man lived in a compact pod in the depth of the Atlantic Ocean for a record 93 days.

Unlike content creators who do stuff for likes and views, Dituri’s feat was part of a groundbreaking study into what could happen to a human being if he or she was to live underwater, in a pressurised condition for a prolonged period of time.

Well, after 93 days, Dituri came out of his 100-suare-foot pod with impressive results.

For starters, the retired naval officer shattered the world record for underwater habitation, which stood at 73 days.

The retired naval officer came out of the water looking 10 years younger. Photo: Mirror UK.

It was also discovered that the clock seems to have turned backwards for him while underwater as he came out from his pod looking 10 years younger.

After returning to dry land, medical assessments disclosed that Dituri’s telomeres, the DNA caps at the ends of chromosomes that typically shrink with age, were 20 per cent longer than before his dive.

Dituri’s stem cell count had also skyrocketed, and his overall health metrics had undergone a remarkable transformation.

The results also disclosed that Dituri experienced a significant improvement in the quality of his sleep, with 60 to 66 per cent of his nights now spent in deep REM sleep.


His cholesterol levels also jumped by 72 points with his inflammatory markers slashed by half.

The research allowed experts to understand how human bodies respond to pressurised conditions for an extended period.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Dituri disclosed that the research and it’s findings could help in finding ways to potentially reverse visible ageing in human beings.

“You need one of these places that is cut off from outside activity. Send people down here for a two-week vacation, where they get their feet scrubbed, relax and can experience the benefit of hyperbaric medicine.” He said.

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Dituri survived inside a compact pod for 93 days. Photo: Courtesy.

Despite the limited exercise equipment available, Dituri managed to maintain his physique by working out for an hour, five days a week, using only exercise bands.

Dituri also maintained the muscle mass he developed during his time in the chamber.

He discovered significant improvements in his metabolism, resulting in a leaner physique.