• Nyashinski is said to have bagged a KSh 10 million deal but lied to Cedo that he only received KSh 3 million

The rapper dropped a diss track targeting Cedo after the producer disclosed he received KSh 1 million only from the deal

Revered Kenyan rapper Nyashinski has picked a bone to chew with his longtime friend and producer Cedo barely a fortnight after claims he had short-changed the latter in a recent multi-million deal emerged. has learnt the Hayawani hitmaker on Friday, June 21, released a diss track dubbed Silencer.

The rapper did not mention names in his diss track but fans who sampled it concluded he had launched cold salvos at Cedo through his lyrics in the now viral diss track.


Nyashinski and Cedo have worked on countless hit songs together for over 5 years. Photo: UGC.

In his new song, Nyashinski told off imaginary characters holding that he no longer cares about them anymore and would never make it easy for them to make money in the music industry.

Nyashinski insisted that some people turned against him because of greed and jealousy.

According to Nyashinski, his subject wanted to be paid like the boss yet he was just an assistant.

The star reiterated nothing can pull him down, including the recent allegations that he had conned his longtime producer.

Nyashinski’s new diss track came not long after reports that he had stabbed Cedo on the back emerged.

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Reports from unknown source had earlier intimated that Nyashinski played Cedo after allegedly bagging KSh 10 million from a giant Kenyan telecommunications company.

According to reports, the star was supposed to give Cedo at least a quarter of the money but instead handed him only a fraction.

Social media was awash with reports that Nyashinski handed Cedo KSh 1 million and lied the deal only reaped KSh 3 million.

However, Cedo is said to have learnt from insiders that Nyashinski had bagged KSh 10 million in the jingle deal, something that got him off the handle.

It is not yet clear if indeed Nyashinski was paid KSh 10 million or not but the rapper confirmed through his diss track that the aforementioned was not true.

He noted that he would have taken the lion’s share even if reports about him pocketing KSh 10 million are true.

The scuffle between the artiste and his producer attracted the attention of many Kenyans who sided with Cedo.

Nyashinski released a diss song to respond to claims that he short-changed Cedo. Photo: Nyashinski/Instagram.

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Many insisted that it was quite unfortunate and unfair for Nyashinski to pay Cedo peanuts yet they worked together on the songs that got him the mega deal in the first place.

Netizens dragged Nyashinski online with many calling him out for being selfish.

Well, in a bid to clean his house, Nyash re-hired his former manager Fakii Liwali to try and fire fight for him.

Fakii understood the assignment and did exemplarily well on his first project; giving Nyash positive publicity.

This, they started by allowing Nyashinski to join Kenyans in the Reject Finance Bill 2024 demos on Thursday, June 20.

The team followed that up closely with the release of his diss track Silencer.

It is predicted that Nyashinski will soon be hitting the road for media tours all in a bid to win back the lost love from his fans.