• Vera Sidika claimed she deserves to celebrate after getting out of her marriage with Brown Mauzo which was not a happy one

• The socialite disclosed that she went through hell while in her marriage

Curvaceous Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has completely sworn off marriage.

The mother of two recently made a public declaration through which she noted that marriage is nothing but a big scam.

This, the socialite disclosed as she hosted a rare kind of party at a Nairobi wet hole.

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Vera Sidika parted ways with Brown Mauzo about two years ago. Photo: Courtesy. has learnt Vera Sidika hosted a divorce party a couple of days ago and could not help but express how much it gave her immeasurable joy.

Taking to her Instagram page, the curvy lass posted a snippet of an episode from The Real Housewives Of Nairobi in which her divorce party featured immensely.

Vera, through her caption revealed that she no longer believe in marriage.

Her caption went on to shade more light on what she really went through during her marriage with the father of her two children, Brown Mauzo.

According to the well-endowed beauty, she deserved, rather had to hold the divorce party to easen up following a stream of suffering in her previous marriage with Brown Mauzo.


“Welcome to my DIVORCE PARTY!!!! Theme: Ratchet 😆 If y’all knew what I went through in my marriage you would appreciate me throwing this party. Doing a divorce party is better than therapy. Marriage is a scam.” Vera wrote.

Her divorce party and post sparked mixed reactions online with many people wondering why she had to go out of her way just but to liquidate her marriage.

The latest turn of events comes months after Vera Sidika parted ways with the father of her two children.

As earlier reported by a cross section of the Kenyan media, Vera made it clear that she was no longer married to Brown Mauzo.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo have two children together. Photo: Courtesy.

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The lass did not point out the main reason that led to their divorce but dropped hints that Brown Mauzo did not fit the bill for the husband of her dreams.

It should be noted that both Vera and Mauzo had earlier made their split public, with both parties not revealing the main reason behind their breakup.

This publication understands Vera and Mauzo may have parted ways but they share two children; a son and a daughter.