• Kenyan Prince disclosed he know people who wanted to deface his Mercedes Benz GLE following a minor accident near Kenyatta University

• He threatened to widen the circumference of the behind holes of his tormentors at the scene of accident

Self-proclaimed Kenya’s richest forex trader Kenyan Prince has attracted controversy after threatening to harm Kenyatta University comrades on camera.

Kenyan Prince, while explaining how and why his two pricey rides ended up at the garage shared more than he should have.

In a new video published on his new YouTube channel on Tuesday, July 9, the forex trader disclosed his expensive Audi hit a bodaboda guy near Kenyatta University, causing a melee between him, his friends and K.U comrades.


Kenyan Prince disclosed some Kenyatta University comrades wanted to destroy his Mercedes Benz GLE when one of his cars was involved in a minor road accident near the institution. Photo: Kenyan Prince/Facebook

According to Kenyan Prince, his Audi was being driven by his friend who oversped along Thika Super Highway and caused the aforementioned minor accident.

He narrated how he was following his friend behind in his new expensive Mercedes Benz GLE and got to the scene of accident on time to save the situation.

Well, Kenyan Prince noted that some K.U comrades became unruly upon seeing him alighting from his GLE and even went ahead to cause a scene.

Irate K.U students reportedly wanted to cause damage on the forex trader’s GLE, including destroying the side mirrors but luckily it did not get to that point.

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Kenyan Prince vowed to harm K.U comrades who wanted to remove side mirrors from his new Mercedes Benz GLE. Photo: Kenyan Prince/Facebook.

Kenyan Prince did not explain how he got himself and his gang out of the mess but confirmed the incident saw his two cars ending up in the garage.

In his YouTube video, the trader sent out threats to K.U students who wanted to break his Mercedes Benz GLE’s side mirrors following the accident.

In his usual don’t care demeanor and attitude, Kenyan Prince used unprintable words while vowing to ‘kill’ K.U students who wanted to deface his Mercedes Benz.

The guy did not mince his words as he promised to sodomise the people who threatened his safety and that of his new baby; the GLE.

“I know the people who wanted to remove side mirrors from my GLE moments after the accident. I promise I will widen their behinds and I might actually finish them. I know them and I must deal with them,” he said.

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While a section of his fans echoed his sentiments, others felt he had crossed the line by threatening to harm a fellow Kenyan on camera.

Many who condemned the Kenyan Prince insisted that he was stupid to make the video since it implicates him and could be used against him should anything bad befall the people he threatened.

Some of his fans took their time to advise him, holding that he should be careful with his publicity stunts and avoid dipping himself in hot soup all for clout.



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