The world on Sunday, May 12, marked Mother’s Day.

On this special day, countless people from across the globe took to different social media platforms to appreciate and celebrate their mothers and other women who have played the role of being mothers in the best ways possible.

However, one South African man chose the opposite direction and lauded himself on the day set aside to celebrate mothers.

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Xolani disclosed that he raised his children alone, without their mother. Photo: Courtesy. understands the man, identified as Xolani Mbhodla took to his Facebook page and heaped praises on himself for raising his two children single-handedly, without their mother.

Through his post, the father of two could not keep calm as he celebrated and appreciated himself for being a strong man who could raise his two babies all alone.

Xolani disclosed that he raised his son and daughter alone, therefore deserves to make it to the list of mothers being celebrated on the aforementioned day.

According to Xolani, he did not and does not need a woman in his life to help him raise his children.


Xolani noted that he has been raising his two kids alone as he celebrated himself on Mother’s Day. Photo: Beautiful Beng.

He noted that he is Mr Independent who has done it all by himself without the help of any woman.

Xolani wrapped up his post with a cold salvos directed at his baby mama whom he labeled ‘an egg donor”.

Xolani may have dissed his baby mama but also thanked her for providing him with eggs to fertilise.

“Happy mother’s day to me, I am proud of the hard work I have done rasing two beautiful children, a daughter and a son all by myself, Mr independent, Mr doesn’t need a woman, done it all myself, thank you to my egg donor.” He wrote on Facebook.

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Xolani’s Facebook post sparked mixed reactions online. Photo: Xolani Mbhodla/Facebook.

His post impressed a section of netizens who camped in the comments section to laud him for being a strong man.

Others, however, picked a bone to chew with him for degrading the mother of his two children.

Quite a number of social media users noted that his baby mama may have been evil but he should at least respect her for giving him two beautiful kids.

Many insisted that he did not have to mention the egg donor part in his post.