Akothee surprised her fans with news of her upcoming wedding. Photo: Courtesy.

Celebrated musician Akothee has poked fun at Radio 47 presenter Billy Miya over his feet while inviting him to her upcoming wedding with Nally Oaks at the Nyali Golf Club, Mombasa on Saturday, April 27.

Akothee had earlier announced the date for her wedding with Nelly and invited her fans in a series of social media posts sighted by this writer.

In a bid to find the truth and other details about her alleged upcoming wedding, Billy Miya and Mbaruk Mwalimu called Akothee during their Maskani Show on Radio 47.

Akothee announced she will be walking down the aisle with Nelly Oaks on Saturday, April 27. Photo: Courtesy.

The musician, in her usual demeanour started by cracking jokes before finally getting serious and informing the presenters and the public that she would be hosting a golf event which would coincide with her wedding at the aforementioned venue.

She urged Billy Miya to show up rocking golf outfits and ready to play the sport before enjoying her wedding.

Akothee, however, doubted Billy could look good in a pair of gold shorts owing to his feet.

She did not expound further on what she meant with her statement about Billy’s feet but the same cracked listeners and fans who accessed a video of the conversation on social media.

Well, many netizens took Akothee’s statement as a joke and cracked up silly.


Akothee and Nelly have been dating on and off for almost a decade now. Photo: Courtesy.

The latest development comes just days after Akothee announced she will be walking down the aisle with her former manager soon.

On Monday, March 18, 2024, Akothee posted a photo of herself with Nelly Oaks playing golf at an undisclosed location on her facebook page and urged Kenyans to accept the newly acknowledged power couple in town.

“Zoea Bi na Bwana harusi mapema Shona kitenge nani wacha panganga. See you on the 27th of April 2024 at the Nyali Golf County club, Mombasa,” Akothee wrote.

The star and Oaks have been inseparable since her breakup with her white ex-husband Omosh.

The two lovebirds have been posting videos and photos of their romantic moments on social media, especially on TikTok and Instagram.



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