The internet never forgets; this, revered storyteller and scriptwriter Abel Mutua has learnt the hard way after an old video of himself glorifying s*xual exploitation in the film industry emerged.

Abel, who made a name for himself as a cheeky character dubbed Freddie and scriptwriter on Tahidi High has attracted negative public and media attention for allegedly using his position to manipulate a co-cast in the one time popular Kenyan drama, Tahidi High.

Mkurugenzi, as he is known to many allegedly exploited his position as a scriptwriter for Tahidi High to force a kissing scene with hot actress Sarah Hassan.

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Abel Mutua and Sarah Hassan were casts of popular TV show Tahidi High. Photo: UGC.

It should be noted that Sarah Hassan played the role of Tanya on the popular TV show.

Speaking during an episode of Mic Cheque podcast which was published on YouTube on September 6, 2023, Abel Mutua admitted to setting up the kiss scene intentionally.

“Tanya alikuwa mpolite,” Mutua stated, referring to Sarah Hassan’s laid-back and calm demeanor.

One of Mic Cheque hosts, Chaxxy interjected by asking Abel if he got the chance to get intimate with Sarah Hassan on Tahidi High.


Netizens called out Abel Mutua for exhibiting unprofessionalism. Photo: Mpasho.

“But alikunyima mbaya?” Chaxxy quipped.

In a quick rejoinder, Abel disclosed he had to take advantage of his role on the show as a scriptwriter to force a kissing scene with the beautiful actress.

Mungu ni nani? Our very last episode, nilisema walahi huyu dem, amekuwa akininyima… The very second last scene of my episode on the show nilimpiga mate kwa class. Nilimkiss mbaya.” He revealed.

Noticing he had experienced a slip of the tongue, Mkurugenzi tried to justify his move and actions by claiming that the script required the kissing scene, leaving Sarah Hassan with no option but to accept.

“Sasa unakataa na script ndio inasema? That was very intentional,” Abel added.

Ten months after the podcast was published, the video resurfaced in a move that irked many Kenyans especially Kenyans on X who launched a scathing attack against Abel Mutua.

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Quite a multitude of netizens dragged the creative online on end.

Many Kenyans expressed their disappointment and anger towards Mkurugenzi and heavily criticised him for what they termed as unprofessionalism and unethical behaviour.

A section of KOX insisted that the Kenyan film industry has not been growing at a supersonic speed due to the high level of unprofessionalism experienced by many creatives in the Kenyan film industry, specifically actresses.