It goes without saying that many upcoming and fast-rising music acts have been doing it for clout, likes, recognition and just to pass time.

However, there are some who have managed to take advantage of their God-given talents and make a living out of it.

It is because of that particular reason that countless music talents have been seeking the services of Kenya’s youngest music business executive KenRelBis who has helped shape many music stars and connect them to the real money in music.

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At only 26, KenRelBis is among top movers and shakers in the Africa’s entertainment industry. Photo: Courtesy.

At just 26 years old, KenRelBis is already a powerhouse in the industry, serving as the CEO of Interfine Global Agency and a vibrant presenter on national broadcaster Y254 TV.

To become to go-to music business executive he is today, KenRelbis held the hands of many artistes and uplifted them in different ways even as they tried to make a name for themselves on the much-competitive music industry.

With a keen eye for different talents and a passion for African culture, KenRelBis has become a driving force behind some of the continent’s most promising artists and brands.

KenRelbis has achieved many major milestones in the music business but the major one was his invaluable role in bringing singer B Classic into the spotlight.

As the one who discovered B Classic, KenRelBis saw something special in the singer and helped him turn his dreams into reality.


KenRelBis is the CEO of Interfine Global Agency. Photo: Courtesy.

Today, B Classic is a household name in Africa and the world thanks to KenRelBis’s guidance and support.

It is important to note that KenRelBis’s influence extends far beyond the world of music.

Through his engagements with big brands like Consumer Choice Awards Africa, Rupha Kenya, Champion Studios, Ella Beauty, and Kenya Online Media, KenRelBis has helped shine a spotlight on African excellence in various industries.

By leveraging his expertise in PR and marketing, KenRelBis helped the aforementioned brands to connect with audiences in meaningful ways, further cementing Africa’s position on the global stage.

In addition to B Classic, KenRelBis has worked with a diverse array of artists including Marioo, Country Wizzy, Gigy Money, Kalondu Musyimi, Silva Kido, Pjay Towelman, Cartoon 47, and Roberto.

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Interfine Global Agency has supported countless East African artists and brands. Photo: Courtesy.

Each engagement added a new layer to KenRelBis’s legacy, showcasing his versatility and dedication to promoting African talents and brands.

At the heart of KenRelBis’s success is a deep love for African culture and a commitment to celebrating it in all its forms.

Whether they’re on TV, working behind the scenes, or mentoring up-and-coming talent, KenRelBis’s passion shines through in everything he does.