• Mama Fathma disclosed he only cross dresses for his online character

• The fast-rising content creator said he is tired of critics always calling him gay

Popular Coast-based content creator Mama Fathma has for the umpteenth time distanced himself from claims that he is a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

The TikToker on Saturday, June 1, vehemently denied allegations that he is gay.

Speaking in a video posted on his official Facebook page, the creative wondered why netizens keep involving, rather including him in the LGBTQ+ community.

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Mama Fathma said he is tired of people thinking he is gay because of his female online character. Photo: Mama Fathma/Facebook.

According to the talented skits maker, it is baffling that countless people have been claiming he is gay because of his lady-like costume he always uses in his content.

The young lad made it clear that he is straight and a lawyer by profession but only rock female clothes just for his online content.

He disclosed that he has been using female outfits for work and nothing more.

“I wonder why people keep coming to the comments section of my post to blast me for being gay. You should know I only use the female outfits for content creation and nothing else. I am a lawyer by profession and only use the Mama Fathma character for hustle. One day I will impregnate some of you so that you can believe that I am straight.” Mama Fathma said.


Mama Fathma disclosed he only cross dresses because of content creation. Photo: Mama Fathma/Facebook.

The content creator posted a video of himself furiously telling of his critics, followed by a quote aimed at putting respect on his name.

He promised to go Live on Facebook hours from the time of uploading his video and insisted that the session will mainly be about him blasting critics calling him gay.

“Punguzeni maneno madogo madogo. Sio vizuri jamani. Alafu leo nitakua Live saa tatu usiku. Nataka kusuta watu hapa Facebook,” Mama Fathma wrote.

His video post caused the mother of all melees online with many of his followers urging him to ignore haters.

Mama Fathma went LIVE on Facebook to tell off critics who think he’s a member of the LGBTQ community. Photo: Mama Fathma/Facebook.

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The legal practitioner has been battling claims of being gay for some time now.

The claims started when he embraced a feminine character in his content.

Even with the accusations, his female character has given him quite a milestone in the industry, catapulting his name to the list of top content creators in Kenya.