• Eric Omondi noted that 204 MPs cannot hold 54 million Kenyans hostage because of their selfish interests

• The comedian called on Kenyans to recall all the 204 MPs who voted Yes on the Finance Bill 2024

Comedian Eric Omondi has come out of mourning to call for action against 204 greedy Members of Parliament who voted ‘Yes’ for the Finance Bill 2024.

The Sisi Kwa Sisi patron could not stomach pain and disappointment served to him by the 204 MPs who ‘passed’ the Finance Bill 2024 despite incessant pleas from Kenyans to reject it.

Taking to his official social media pages on the evening of Thursday, June 20, the comedian called on Kenyans to prepare to recall the 204 MPs who voted Yes.

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Eric Omondi said he will lead a campaign to recall 204 MPs who voted Yes for the Finance Bill 2024. Photo: Eric Omondi/Facebook.

According to Eric, the 204 legislators were driven by their glatonous nature, greed and selfishness to ‘pass’ the bill.

He reiterated that the 204 politicians failed Kenyans but it will not be a walk in the park for them.

The comic insisted that the MPs cannot win yet the people they represent lose.

He noted that 204 people cannot hold 54 million Kenyans hostage because of their greed.

Eric Omondi stated that Kenyans have the capacity to lead and represent themselves if greedy politicians sleep on their job.


“Get Ready to RESIST!!! 204 GREEDY, SELFISH and GLATONOUS P#gs cannot go against 54 MILLION People!!! When the Representative of the People are UNABLE to REPRESENT them THE PEOPLE SHALL REPRESENT THEMSELVES!!!! It will NOT BE a WALK in the Park. IF WE LOSE they Must Lose. #ResistFinanceBill2024,” Eric Omondi wrote.

Eric Omondi promised that Kenyans will recall MPs who supported the Finance Bill 2024. Photo: KBC Channel 1.

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His sentiments were echoed by countless Kenyans who camped in the comments section of his post to call out the MPs who voted Yes for the Finance Bill 2024.

It should be noted Eric was forced to forgo burial arrangements for his younger brother Fred Omondi, just to add his voice in the ongoing tiff between Kenyans and politicians.

Eric Omondi’s move to divert from mourning his brother to join the struggle against the Finance Bill 2024 impressed many Kenyans who rallied behind him as they promised to deal with the traitors perpendicularly.

It is important to note that the Finance Bill 2024 sailed through the second reading in the August House after 204 MPs voted Yes, with 115 opposing it.