Vicworld Events CEO Victor Kisia has come out to share some wisdom nuggets with fellow men, especially the young ones.

Kisia, through a Facebook post sighted by on Friday, May 17, took his time to caution his male fans and followers against evil women who can do anything just to have their way.

Using rapper King Kaka’s recent alleged breakup with wife Nana Owiti as a case study, Kisia disclosed that he is happy to be alive having survived murder attempts courtesy of his then baby mama.


Victor Kisia claimed that his then lover allegedly wanted to off him so that she could fly abroad with her rich old white sponsor. Photo: Victor Kisia/Facebook.

According to the young Kenyan CEO, his baby mama had landed a loaded white sugar daddy who wanted to fly her and her the children abroad.

However, she had to prove that she is not dating or married to any other man.

Kisia revealed that his baby mama’s older lover wanted guarantee that her three babies were fatherless.

In a bid to get Victor Kisia out of the picture, the lass became romantic all of a sudden and made several attempts to harm him through poisoning in vain.

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Vicworld Events CEO Victor Kisia with TV47’s Betty Kyallo. Photo: Victor Kisia/Instagram.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with, the events guru noted that he suspected his baby mama and became cautious with her, something that possibly saved his life.

“First of all ni kids sio kid….ni 3 kids. I regret moving from Rongai to Karen where the baby mama changed her life status expectations and decided to look for white man…I was a responsible father but I was denied that chance of taking care of my own kids after muzungu came in her life..My kids were transferred from the the good school I had enrolled them in Karen…Yes we might have had our differences and I moved on but she was still living under my roof, as she was dating the mzungu… I was so suspicious of the good treatment of breakfast in bed, however I used my wisdom by taking the meals with my kids in the same plate. She stopped been good again😁since she noticed that I know her tricks. She was a very discipline and hardworking woman, but then I had a single mother neiba who became her good friend and advisor.. They used to go night outs together and they both got pregnant the same month😂” Kisia told this publication.

Kisia stated that all his baby mama needed was his death certificate to prove to her white sponsor that the father to her children was a goner.

Victor Kisia went on to reveal that he will share the full story in the near future.

He disclosed that the lady intended to harm him despite giving her a good life and always being there for her and their kids.

Vicworld CEO Victor Kisia said he did everything for his baby mama but she still intended to harm him. Photo: Victor Kisia/Facebook.

“This is a woman I groomed to be a successful entrepreneur since she was just an innocent humble girl from Rongai, I took the initiative of making her create her own empire…Gave her business ideas and funded the ideas. One of the biggest multi million business that was to take over Karen known as OFFICE FOOD DELIVERY which she downplayed, I even bought her an old van that would be customised to be a mobile food van delivering meals to offices within Karen.

Lakini my mschana alikua mwanafunzi wa akotee😂her mind was just focused on making it really quick…she compared our living status with my neibas in Karen who are 60yrs plus…been that we were living in an SQ,” Victor disclosed

The Vicworld Events CEO added that he just might drag the baby mama to court the moment he gets enough money to hire a team of lawyers.

“Do not take king kaka’s story for granted…ata mimi nilikua niuliwe ndio watu wapate death certificate waende majuu as widow😅But my God is bigger above all we say thanks for life❤ One day I will tell the whole story😇wacha jackpot ijipe kwanza niongeze loyas?#fatherabraham,” Kisia wrote.

Victor Kisia made the revelation through his official Facebook page. Photo: Victor Kisia/Facebook.

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His revelation attracted the attention of his fans who thronged the comments section of his post to echo his sentiments.

Quite a number of men thanked God for taking Victor from a trying time safely.

Many insisted that men should be careful when dealing with the women they love.