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Black Cinderella Calls Out Oga Obinna For Assaulting Her Sexually And Physically

Black Cinderella said Obinna had his way with her and assaulted her physically. Photo: Courtesy.

Curvaceous Kenyan socialite Black Cinderella has exposed the ugly side of comedian Oga Obinna that most people are not familiar with.

The former Nairobi Diaries actress recently came out to disclose the many evils Oga perpetrated on her about nine years ago when she was trying to make a name for herself.

In a long Instagram post seen by MGAHAWANI.com, the mother of one narrated how Obinna lied to her that he could change her life by featuring her in one of his shows on NTV.

Black Cinderella said Oga Obinna assaulted her sexually nine years ago. Photo: Courtesy.

Cinderella disclosed that the former Kiss 100 presenter lured her from Eldoret to Nairobi where he had promised to help her become a national star.

However, things went south upon arriving in Nairobi as Obinna turned on her and abused her sexually not to mention physically.

The lass posted an old photo showing a bleeding scar on her forehead which she had acquired at the hands of the comedian.

She revealed that the content creator had his way with her and even beat her to a pulp when she got to his house.

Black Cinderella claimed Obinna had promised to make her a big star in Nairobi. Photo: Black Cinderella/Instagram.

“In 2015, 21 yrs old me travelled to Nairobi from the village in hopes to be featured in a show on Ntv with a promise to be made famous, a superstar and I felt for it.. … What followed were events I will never wish to happen to any young girl anywhere in the world. I was lured to a home of your favorite , raped and assaulted the morning after for begging for fare to go back to the village by A notable name in this KENYA ENTERTAINMENT SCENE… A Scar that led the naive me into Depression, TRAUMA and SHAME with no one to tell my story who would understand What it means for a man to force himself on you…. My pain was double because that was not the first time such an act of inhumanity had been done to me. I had also been raped when I was only a 15 yrs old virgin in Eldoret coming from school …” Cinderella revealed.

According to Cinderella, she would have let the issue slide but could not, especially after the comedian mocked her by comparing her to his crush Amber Ray on social media.

She noted that it was funny how he could humiliate her online nine years after abusing her.

Oga Obinna is yet to respond to the accusations. Photo: Courtesy.

“This is 2024 and a man who left me undesired memories of a lifetime, erected images of me comparing me to Amber Ray in what he termed standards of beauty. The MISOGYNIST with shamelessness continued for several consecutive days character assasinating me as a thief with images I am not aware of neither have I been charged to court as a thief. What followed were familiar words to me that I remember vividly… Can you imagine being raped and then the perpetrator tells you “Ukijiangalia vile we ni sura mbaya kuna mtu anaweza amini naweza lala na mtu kama wewe” Then the same man is posting you 9 yrs later and saying “Look at your self the look at amber ray then look at yourself again, Thats the standard”’ Cinderella revealed.

Her expose angered many netizens who camped in the comments section of her post to condemn Oga Obinna for being such an animal.

Important to note is the fact that Cinderella had earlier called out Obinna over the same but retracted her statement only to resurface recently with the accusations.



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