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Why Gloria Muliro refused to shoot Wema music video with Willy Paul



Why Gloria Muliro refused to shoot Wema music video with Willy Paul

Word is, Gloria Muliro refused to take part in the shooting of Wema music video with Willy Paul because of her religious beliefs. This forced Willy Paul to release a typography video that is currently doing well and in its hundreds of thousands in views.

Sources claim Gloria Muliro declined to work on the project since Willy Paul had switched to secular music. Working with Willy Paul would put a dent on her image something she feared.

Kenyans were shocked to learn about this and have called out the singer for being a hypocrite. According to them, the song is purely a gospel song and her refusing to work with Willy just pure selfishness.

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According to local journal, Gloria and willy Paul worked on the project some 3 years ago before Willy fully became a secular artist.

Then, before he had changed his ways, Gloria confirmed she could work with Willy but not after he switched lanes. We are still waiting for a statement from either of the two.

Watch Wema by Willy Paul featuring Gloria Muliro on YouTube

Comments from the video

Aggrey Kiduya
Acha Mungu aitwe Mungu. I have missed this side of WP. This is where you belong Willy. It just comes out naturally. Great song. Thanks Glo, you are a mentor.

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Winnie kansimwe
Kwa upande wa GOSPEL Pozee never fails especially with his spiritual mom Gloria ❤ 🔥🎵🎶🎶🎼🎧after watching this I must download this audio na majirani wasikize pia 🎧❤❤❤🇰🇪Gloria umebarikiwa kwa kumwelekeza huyu jamaa

Godz Girl
He even sounds different while singing gospel he sounds even better willy you’re a child of God , Jesus loves you and there’s no sin he doesn’t forgive he is waiting for u with open arms repent and live a holy life

Why Gloria Muliro refused to shoot Wema music video with Willy Paul

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