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I dont Support Fraud Daddy Freeze distances himself from Hushpuppi



Daddy Freeze, one of the most controversial preachers from Nigeria has released a video distancing himself from Hushpuppi, his scams, fraud schemes and lifestyle.

Daddy Freeze – I don’t support fraud and scammers

The Video comes days after Nigerians started trolling and attacking him for once praising the arrested Nigerian Fraudster and scammer, Raymond Igbalodely, alias Hushpuppi.

While on a work trip to Dubai in 2019, Daddy Freeze met up with Hushpuppi at his Versace home where he shot an exclusive video showcasing the scammers lifestyle. In the video titled ‘Hushpuppi Gives Daddy Freeze A Tour Of His Versace Palace, Discusses Religion, Money And More’ , Daddy had to much to say.

All Kenyans working in Dubai and the entire UAE face deportation amidst fake gold scandal

They discussed Hushpuppi’s wealth, cars and the lifestyle he lived. Daddy Freeze also in a joking manner asked those attacking Puppi to stop and mind their business.

I dont Support Fraud Daddy Freeze distances himself from Hush Puppi (Watch Video)
Scammer Raymond Igbalodely arrested for fraud

Hushpuppi also noted that he paid his House Keepers and driver more than what the local government officials were earning. Nigerians were angered with Daddy Freeze after he asked those attacking the Versace ‘god’ to send their fathers to Dubai and have Pappi hire them drivers.


Daddy Freeze today released a new video titled Daddy Freeze Addresses Hush Puppi’s Arrest In Dubai. In the video, the preacher and a controversial YouTuber totally distanced himself from Hush Pappi’s fraudulent lifestyle and scamming escapades.

The preacher gave out detailed accounts of how he met Raymond Igbalodely. He referred to videos months old and also somehow lost it while addressing the issue with anger.

He also asked those attacking him to stop or he would deal with them the best way he knew how. The new video has had all comments turned off and no one can comment. In short, Daddy Freeze didn’t want to hear what people had to say.

The Hushpuppi house tour he did is getting all manner of insults and comments. His followers are calling him for being a hypocrite. Nigerians have also asked police to look into Freeze’s accounts and establish whether he collected any money from the now arrested con man.

The video has been seen by many as antics of a scared man who fears that the low may want to investigate his involvement in Pappi’s scams.

Here is that New Video. Watch below

Here is what people are saying about Daddy Freeze on his videos.

adeola ademoroti
2 days ago
Smh. So you travelled all the way to Dubai to be exclaiming “heyyyy” “wowww” “heyyy” over the affluence of a thief (such a braggat, HushPuppi).

Daodu Omoluku
1 week ago
Daddy Freeze and wife were after what to eat, i just hope there was no bank transfers cos if there was and proceeds of crime are traced to your account, thats money laundry oooooo

Seun Coker
6 days ago (edited)
So daddy freeze, after celebrating this 419 you go still open mouth after all this?

1 day ago
1.9 million people, he stole from 1.9million people!!!!!!! Yet, here you were saying people’s fathers should beg to be his driver knowing full well that there was no discernible legitimacy to his wealth. 1.9 million lives!!!!!! I’m disgusted by him and this video

Casey Edema
2 days ago
So why are you silent on the arrest of your mentor Hushpuppi , MR FREEZE ? If it were a prominent pastor which was arrested for fraud or less, you would have made an album out of the news in a split second. Smh. Don’t worry, your words will bear witness for and against you, so would mine too. Enjoy your power.

I dont Support Fraud Daddy Freeze distances himself from Hushpuppi

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