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Why Kenyans will support William Ruto’s New party Jubilee Asili



Jubilee Asili

The formation of Jubilee Asili by Deputy President William Ruto clearly shows the Bromance between the DP and president Kenyatta is at the verge of collapsing.

According to reports, the DP met all the recently dewhipped Jubilee legislators at the Jubilee Asili headquarters to discuss a way forward.

Why Kenyans will support William Ruto's Jubilee Asili

Most of the dewhipped legislators were in support of the DP and his ambitions to cling the top seat come 2022. Their sacking is said to have been caused by their political affiliations with the DP.

With the formation of the new Jubilee Asili party, the DP is openly telling president Uhuru Kenyatta he is tired of being an option and was doing it his way.

William Ruto is paying artists Millions to compose anti-Uhuru songs

Political analysts claim Kenyans will support the DP and his new party as a way of punishing president Uhuru Kenyatta and his new found ally, Raila Odinga.

Here are some comments from Kenyans on twitter and what they think about the new Jubilee Asili Party

Dennis Itumbi, HSC
currently meeting all the recently dewhipped Legislators at The Jubilee Asili Centre.

Message – let us now play our role on other matters now that you are free of Parliamentary Leadership responsibilities

Kenyans will Support William Ruto new party Jubilee Asili just to punish Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga Weary face

Abuga Makori EGH, MBE
By meeting de-whipped Jubilee MPs at so called Jubilee Asili Center, DP Ruto has simply told Uhuru that “I have nothing to do with you, you can take the other Jubilee, I’ll take my people. You can’t scare me”. The marriage has finally collapsed. #RutoIsolated #KenyaSaysThankYou

Donald B Kipkorir
The registered slogan of original Jubilee Party under President Uhuru Kenya is TUKO PAMOJA.

Today, Jubilee Asili held its first PG on Karen Road with 15 MPs & Senators with new slogan SOTE PAMOJA.

Both National Assembly & Senate have 416 members.

15 is 3.60576% of 416! mmmh!!

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