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#ConfusedMaraga – CJ under fire for attacking president Kenyatta



#ConfusedMaraga: Earlier today, CJ Maraga attacked president Uhuru Kenyatta after he failed to appoint 41 new judges recommended by the judiciary.

The CJ noted that according to the constitution, the president had no more powers other than approve the names. Addressing members of the press, angry Maraga confirmed that the Attorney General had given the president a maximum of 14 days to approve the names as directed.

Kenyans took to social media to condemn Maraga’s acts on a hashtag #ConfusedMaraga that as since gone viral.

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Here are some comments from the hashtag


Juma Wanson.
its only in kenya where a chief justice cries for justice, we are doomed #ConfusedMaraga cj maraga

Kenya @ThedeepStateKE
He answers to the President, that is why every year he is obligated to invite the president and in public submit a report card. But does the power drunk Maraga know? #ConfusedMaraga

Juma Wanson.
Justice For Chief Justice. His only crime is speaking on behalf of the judiciary, stop insulting him with #ConfusedMaraga Tag not good , cj maraga moses kuria

kiongos Apewe Cider Flag of Kenya @zaqaddijah
Kenyans before you abuse and criticize CJ Maraga read the constitution about the judiciary, executive and legislature.Don’t just speak recklessly like Moses Kuria. #ConfusedMaraga

Joseph Bikundo @Joseph_ragie
Who started this hashtag #ConfusedMaraga ? Indeed Uhuru is determined to rule this country by the iron fist! Raila is repeating the mistake he did in 2002, when he lied to SIMION NYACHAE , that he was to announce and support his presidential ambition. Kibaki & his swindlers..

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