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What Kenyans should expect from the president tomorrow 6th June on inter-county travel ban, curfew and lock-down



There are a number of posts going round on what to expect from the president about the lifting of inter county travel ban and the curfew. Although Kenyans are optimistic, the number of Covid cases continue to rise.

President Uhuru

According to our findings, Kenyans may be disappointed. As much as everyone wants everything to go to normal, some precautions may be put in place for the safety of Kenyans. Below is what we can expect from the presidents press conference tomorrow.

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This is what we should expect from the president’s presser;

  1. Nationwide curfew remains in place, timing now 10pm—4am.
  2. Full opening of financial sector – normal working hours.
  3. Restricted opening of places of worship, (regular church & mosque services ONLY), to be based on State Govt protocols.
  4. Interstate travel remains prohibited except for goods &essential travel
  5. Gathering of >20 persons remains prohibited;outside of workplaces + religious services
  6. Aviation Industry requested to start developing protocols for domestic flights to possibly resume from June 21

Hotels may reopen. Restaurants outside of hotels must remain closed for eat-in—TAKEOUT ONLY. Bars, gyms, cinemas, nightclubs, parks closed until further evaluation

Schools to remain closed until further evaluation. Offices maintain 2m physical distancing + 75% max capacity.

All guidelines as issued by #PTFCOVID19. Guidelines to be implemented/ enforced by State Governments

Permitted openings (hotels, religious services etc) to maintain non-pharmaceutical interventions (masks, sanitizers/handwashing, 2m distancing, capacity limits, etc)

Note: June 21 opening for domestic flights is TENTATIVE. Certain conditions have to be fulfilled between now & then, explains @hadisirika

  • Aircraft have to be good and safe to fly (checks/maintenance)
  • necessary Recertifications + medicals for pilots/crew

Nat. Coordinator, PTF: Reopening of churches and mosques is not unqualified, there are conditions attached. It is a RESTRICTED opening, working on agreed protocols reached between State Govts & religious leaders: mandatory masks, limited opening hours, physical distancing

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