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Kenyans applaud Boniface Mwangi for tearing into Charles Owino, the police spokesman during a live interview on NTV



Boniface Mwangi Charles Owino Interview: The Kenya police has been under fire after an officer shot and killed a homeless man in Mathare, Nairobi. Kenyans took to twitter to condemn the killing through the hashtags #Justiceforvaite and #Policebrutalityke.

Boniface Mwangi Charles Owino Interview

Boniface Mwangi, a human rights activists was among those who criticized the killing and asked for a speedy investigation into the killing. Today, NTV’s Ken Mijungu hosted the activist and Charles Owino, the Kenya Police spokesman for a discussion on the same.

Boniface Mwangi Charles Owino Interview

The police spokesman found himself under fire as Boniface Mwangi teared into him and schooled him on proper policing. Kenyans also joined in and condemned the extra judicial killing by the police.

Angry black police officer promises to fuck trump up after he threatened to shoot all George Floyd protesters

Charles Owino tried his best to answer questions thrown at him. Kenyans were however not satisfied and decided to join in the discussion on twitter.

Boniface and Charles have for the longest time disagreed with how the police handle matters. Some time back, during another live interview, the police spokesperson confronted Mwangi after he recognized him from a previous demo.

Here are comments from Kenyans on the same.

orville @kiplimoboor
Luo neighbours, don’t name your kids Owino.Unless you want them to end up like Charles Owino and Babu Owino. Pure garbage.

Lynn. B @LynnB55938975
Charles owino is justifying the police brutality without apology! They call him “the police spokes person.”Is something wrong with Kenya?

God’s favourite Flag of Kenya @MmarcusKe
A police cannot get drunk with power as Charles Owino claimed. Police follow orders. They can literally sit down on the highway if ordered to do so. Maybe the Spokesperson meant the commanders are drunk with power and he indirectly admitted to them misusing power.

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