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Police shoot dead a homeless man in Mathare. Kenyans defy curfew to protest his killing



Police shoot dead homeless man in Mathare: The hashtag #JusticeForVaite is trending in Kenya at number one after police shot dead a well known homeless man by the name Vaite in Mathare, Bondeni area.

This incident comes just four days after the famous George Floyd murder that has left the city of Minneapolis in chaos following the unending protests.

Police shoot dead a homeless man in Mathare
A woman protests against Kenyan police killings

Kenyans also took to the streets to protest his killing defying the curfew placed by the government. A number of civil rights fighters have condemned the killing of the homeless man.

Unbelievable : George Floyd, Black man murdered by police was a porn actor with The Habib Show – Watch videos

Below is the video of the Killing of the Homeless Man in Mathare by police.

Police shoot dead homeless man in Mathare

Below are comments from twitter users condemning the act by police.

Boniface Mwangi @bonifacemwangi:
Kenya Police have shot dead a homeless man in Mathare, Bondeni area. He works as a loader in Marikiti but sleeps in the streets, residents call him Vaite. About 300 people have defied the curfew and are protesting the extrajudicial killing.

Women hold peaceful demos in Nairobi slams
Women hold peaceful demos in Nairobi slams

It’s time we fix this shit. Lest we act we’ll never be heard. American citizens are fixing their country so should we #JusticeForVaite

All human are equal@defend_right:
We have to protest to protect our own, Our silence is making them bolder and bolder
Every live counts Police shoot vaite in Mathare

Ni Hulius! @Hulius_
A homeless innocent man from Mathare Loudly crying faceLoudly crying face. Time to abolish the force, start a new one or else watatumaliza. The sad part is Charles Owino will give a press briefing and defend the police as always. No wonder after your service, your lives are miserable. #JusticeForVaite

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