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Magix Enga ‘forgives’ 6IX9INE, returns Gooba on YouTube after placing copyright claims on it



Magix Enga is joining the list of Kenya’s most controversial people. The artist/producer is slowly mastering the art of entertainment and using it to his advantage.

Magix Enga 'forgives' 6IX9INE, returns Gooba on YouTube after placing copyright claims on it

Just like any celebrity, the producer knows better how to remain relevant. He has tried to bring up topics about him each and every week.

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His biggest controversies however has been the copyright claims that he has continuously slammed other artists with. Today, the producer is trending for allegedly making 6IX9INE’s song Gooba get removed from YouTube.

Magix Enga arrested for deleting UNO by Harmonize from Youtube

Kenyans are reacting differently to this as the producer trends on twitter as the number three most discussed topic today.

Magix Enga

The producer some minutes ago announced that he had removed the copyright claims from 6IX9INE’s video but warned him against sampling is music.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Gooba screen grab

Here are some comments from the trend

charo @andskotihostile
So he should just allow that fella to steal his beat because Kenya is lagging behind? Lmao Rolling on the floor laughing

Monique Shii @AfricaFactsZone
and it is NOT just Magix Enga placing false Copyright Claims.
Most Kenyans are very envious people.
They do it to other people’s content on YouTube.
Last week I had 3 false Copyright Strike on my Channel from Kenyans.
I applied for COUNTER NOTICE, they chickened out of a lawsuit

Dear bro
, instead of just giving up; if indeed it is true that he stole your work: how about u start a well oiled campaign and I’m sure Kenyans will support your cause to make sure they provide you with the legal and logistical support to file a case against 69.

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