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Americans chant ‘Haki Yetu’ as they protest the Killing of George Floyd



The Murder of George Floyd by the Rogue police man Derek Chauvin has caused the worst distraction ever experienced in Minneapolis and the entire USA.

Protesters have turned violent, looting and burning down stores and business as police are forced to watch. Although curfews have been put in different states, the rioters have vowed not to stop until all the four police are charged.

Americans protest the Killing of George Floyd
George Floyd

The murder of George was recorded and shared worldwide causing the black African American community to stand up and protest.

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A good number of the White majority have joined in to condemn the murder. The protest dubbed I cant breath is happening in different states even after president Trump warned of dire consequences.

Americans chant 'Haki Yetu' as they protest the Killing of George Floyd
Derek Chauvin was charged with Third Degree murder and second degree Manslaughter of George Floyd.

Today Mgahawani learned of a new video that is going round on social media. The video is of black African Americans and whites all chanting haki yetu.

Protesters asking for justice for the slain African American Floyd

Kenyans have shared the video to show solidarity. Watch it below. Follow Mgahawani News on Instagram by pressing here.

watch as americans chant haki yetu

More news on George Floyd to follow

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