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Here is that viral video of Kisii Woman beating up husband



Kisii Woman beating up husband: Kisii women are known to be violent. In a viral post shared by a deranged husband, a kisii woman is seen threatening her husband while showing off her karate moves.

Here is that video of Kisii Woman beating up pastor husband
Here is that video of Kisii Woman beating up husband

The woman is heard complaining in the background asking his wife to change calling her a liability to womanhood.

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according to our Kisii translator, the man complains of being sexually starved and unhappy. He goes ahead to ask who in control of the marriage noting she was being unbearable.

Here are some comments from the video

Mulei Kelly – That leg ni dangerous..Advice to Men out there make sure you marry someone you handle always ….do not be lied to by Mapenzi….listen to your father and see what he got himself.

Kisii Woman beating up husband

Catherine Fondo Weeeuh the way d lady anapose yaani ako really ready kukick ass nikaambae ameambiwa statue 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tommie Touch Lakini bro why stick to this toxic relationship kuna watu pia wanataka viboko tu

What do you think about the increasing cases of relationship violence against men?

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