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Revealed – How Marya Prude DECEIVED Willis Raburu into Marrying her while pregnant with another man’s baby



There are fresh twists in the VIRAL Willis Raburu – Marya Prude breakup story. Mgahawani had previously reported the breakup of Kenya’s power couple after an expose was ran by a popular daily.

According to the expose, Willis kicked out his wedded wife and started a fling with a co-worker, something that all have trashed as rumors.


Well, according to reports, the union between the two was broken from the word go. New revelations are, Marya Prude deceived Willis into marrying her.

Locals want DCI to investigate Nairobi Nominated MCA, Carolyn Andisi for aiding thieves, bailing them, and threatening police

Ghafla has revealed that Marya Prude asked Willis to marry her after she found out that she was pregnant. According to the reveal, Marya knew well Willis was not responsible but went ahead to trick him into accepting it.

Marya Prude Willis RABURU
Marya Prude Willis RABURU

Willis came to know about this later on when they were about to tie the knot. As a good man, but broken, Willis accepted the pregnancy and chose to stay with her.

Before our wedding, my wife had someone’s kid. But because I loved her I just wanted us to get married and I raise the kid but deeply I felt so bad.

With this in mind, things were not okay and as good. They tried making things work but deep down Willis felt betrayed and emotionally broken.

Out of the love I had for the lady, we decided to settle down and even go for a honeymoon in the States. I had no personal feelings about that because any child is a blessing from God.

The thoughts of raising another man’s child however kept haunting him. The final blow came, The death of the child they were all waiting for. Willis could not take it. After she got better, he decided it was better they seperated.

Marya is said to have tried committing suicide after Willis kicked her out. Willis and the Rwandese lady have all denied having an affair.

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