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I don’t Know Who Willis Raburu Is, Yellow Yellow accused of wrecking Marya Prude marriage speaks



Willis Raburu marriage to Marya Prude: Willis Raburu’s marriage to Marya Prude is said to have hit a dead-end forcing the couple to wrap things up. According to reports, Willis’s infidelity had become too much and when confronted decided to send Prude parking.

An expose by a Kenyan local journal claimed, Raburu had since found solace in a workmate and were according to the reveal, dating.

Willis Raburu, Marya Prude
Rwandese lass accused of wrecking Willis and Marya’s marriage – Willis Raburu marriage to Marya Prude

The reveal also noted, Raburu and young beautiful lass had for a long time been together with Raburu frequently visiting the Rwandese lass at her home in Langata.

Willis Raburu dumps wife Marya Prude for this yellow yellow – photos

Prude had on different occasions confronted Raburu about his infidelity but got cold responses. Throughout her pregnancy, she had to deal with his cheating habits.

Prude blamed Raburu for the loss of their daughter. She accused him of having messed her and their daughter up by seeing different women while she was expecting.

The lady in question has today refuted the allegations calling them mare rumors. The beautiful lady alleged to be Raburu’s co-worker has denied ever meeting or knowing Raburu.

A screenshot seen by Mgahawani has been shared online but most Kenyans think she might be lying to protect herself from trolls and being labeled a homewrecker.

Willis Raburu, Marya Prude
A screenshot between Edgar Obare and Yellow Yellow accused of being a home wrecker – Willis Raburu marriage to Marya Prude

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