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Tecra Muigai’s family disliked her 50-year-old beachboy boyfriend, Omar Lali



Tecra Muigai family disliked Omar Lali: Tecra Muigai’s post-mortem to determine cause of death has been suspended after DCI officers asked for more time to try come up with information on the same.

Her death has risen questions on how the two met and fell in love. Coming from totally different social backgrounds, the two devoured every rule of dating between the rich and poor.

Omar Lali, arrested over the death of Tecra Muigai

Tecra was a humble person by default. She loved the normal life and is said to have been a frequent visitor to Lamu ever since she met Omar Lali.

Tecra Muigai with Boy friend Omar Lali
Tecra Muigai with Boy friend Omar Lali – Tecra Muigai family disliked Omar Lali

The two according to a local daily would spend time together in different hotels by themselves. She seemed to enjoy the company of her man. The two loved to party together.

A reveal by the same journal also revealed Omar Lali was a kawaida person who had spent most of his time as a beachboy hunting for caucasian rich women as every beach boy does.

Omar Lali and Tecra Prude while in Malindi

After meeting Tecra, life changed and he became a different person. Spent most of his time chewing and drinking. He stopped being a beachboy and would wait to spend time with Tecra every time they had a chance.

Muigai family
The Muigai’s – Tecra Muigai family disliked Omar Lali

Tecra would later ask her family to withdraw her personal security detail every time she was in Lamu. According to reports, her family did not like her fifty-year-old beachboy boyfriend.

According to sources, Tecra and Omar Lali had lived together for one month in Lamu before she passed away.

Police are currently holding Omar for 21 more days as the homicide division continues to look into the death of the Keroche heiress.

Arnelisa Muigai, Tabitha, Tecra Muigai
Arnelisa Muigai, Tabitha, Tecra Muigai

The former beachboy is said to have given different accounts on the event that might have led to Tecra’s death. A senior officer told the press.

He gave contradicting reports, initially saying the girlfriend fell off the stairs and later said in the bathroom. However, the deceased was found in the house unconscious with blood oozing from her mouth.

police report

However, according to reports, Tecra was found in their house unconscious with blood oozing from her mouth. She was taken to a local dispensary and later flown to Nairobi where she was announced dead. Her Boyfriend remains the main suspect in the case.

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