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Tanasha Donna was dumped for being lazy in bed – Diamond opens up



Tanasha Donna Lazy in bed: Tanasha has been accused of being a lazy lay in bed, by none other than Diamond’s closest friend, Juma LOKOLE. These allegations hit Tanasha hard prompting her to engage the alleged gay fellow in a war of words.

Tanasha and Diamond parted ways just months after the Kenyan radio girl and musician gave birth. The singer in a series of posts, after the breakup, accused Diamond of being a cheat and controlling.

Tanasha donna accused of being lazy in bed
Tanasha donna accused of being lazy in bed

Speaking exclusively to Wasafi media, Diamond opened up about his breakup with Tanasha saying it happened after a series of misunderstandings.

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The singer did not however go into details about the breakup. He however confessed to having fallen deeply in love with her Kenyan baby mama.

Diamond also went ahead to state that Tanasha’s conversion to Islam was an indication she was the one for him.

Tanasha had enrolled in private Islamic classes where she was slowly learning to be a good religious Islamic wife. The singer denied ever cheating on Donna during the time they were together.

juma lokole accuses Tanasha of being lazy in bed – Tanasha Donna Lazy in bed

Tanasha’s reactions to the allegations thrown at her by Lokole have raised eyebrows. Could it be true she was a lazy one in bed?

Lokole claimed the reason Diamond opted to cheat was because the Kenyan, unlike their Tanzanian women was lazy and had no bedroom skills. This prompted Diamond to look for sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

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