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A list of the best 5 songs in Kenya for 2020

When choosing the best songs of a certain year, we look at so many things and in different aspects. The online social aspect, and the Dunda aspect.



The best songs in Kenya 2020: There has always been a trend to release names of the greatest songs that did well in a certain period of time. The list could be a weekly chart, a monthly billboard or songs that did well in a certain year.

In most cases, people always want to know which songs did well in a certain year. With the introduction of youtube’s new algorithms, it’s easy to tell which song did well in a certain year.

The best songs in Kenya 2020
King Kaka Wajinga Nyinyi Cover

Google Analytics also helps in picking out which song was a favorite among listeners and viewers in a particular year.

What do we look for when selecting the best song in a certain year?

When choosing the best songs of a certain year, we look at so many things and in different aspects. The online social aspect, and the Dunda aspect.

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How people interacted with the song since its release is always a defining factor. How it was received by revelers in night clubs, TV lovers and the Radio fans.

First let’s look at the online social aspect;

We try to rate songs by how many times it was watched or streamed on social platforms. How many people commented and had something nice to say about it. Was it shared? By how many people? Those are some of the things we look at on the social online side.

Ground Level:

This comes down to viewers and listeners of music. These are the people who know which song was good and which one was awful. Recently artists on most occasions pay to boost their music to reach more people.

That has rendered the online statistics a bit obsolete. With that said, we prefer looking at how a song was received by Matatu drivers, Boda Boda riders, DJs, Radio and TV fans who request the songs they want to listen to.

With all that taken care of, we can without a doubt give out a list of some of the best songs in any year. Today however were are focusing on one list that has been awaited for a very Long time.

Below is a list of the best songs in Kenya 2020


King Kaka’s Wajinga Nyinyi was and is still Kenya’s number one song of 2020. The song has been streamed by over 2 Million people on Youtube and is the most downloaded in many audio file sites.

Wajinga Nyingi touched the lives of the common Mwananchi while questioning the corrupt leaders. Ezekiel Mutua among other leaders endorsed the song.

The above is Kenya;s number one song for 2020

2. Susumila Ft Mbosso – Sonona

Although the song received too much criticism from a number of his few haters, it became one of the biggest songs in Kenya. Sonona is a favorite among lady revelers and radio lovers.

Boda Boda riders, Matatu drivers also enjoy playing it while at work. Sonona currently has over 3 Million views on YouTube and is among the most downloaded songs in Kenya.

Sonona by Susumila takes number two for the best songs in Kenya 2020

3. Sauti Sol – Suzanna

Sauti Sol has never disappointed. They are Kenya’s best boy band. The boy band has won numerous awards and released a song of the year each year. Today Suzanna makes the list of Kenya’s best song 2020.

Suzanna has been received well both On social platforms and also on the ground. Currently, the song has over 5.4 Million Views on Youtube.

The best songs in Kenya 2020

Suzanna is number 3 on the above list.


Khaligraph is Kenya’s self-proclaimed King of rap. He has brought home numerous awards including the prestigious AFRIMMA award for the best rap song in Africa. Khali has also been fighting with other artists from other countries trying to dethrone him.

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Yes, Bana became a favorite song and the most used line of 2020. Although fans asked he featured Reckless, he made it his project and delivered. Currently, it has over 1 Million views and counting.

Yes Bana by Khaligraph tops at number 4 in our list.


As we had earlier said, not all songs are measured by YouTube views reasons being, most of these artists boost their videos to reach more people.

Ally Mahaba and Akeelah close our list of the best Kenyan songs of 2020. Mahaba is an upcoming artist in Mombasa and his song was received massively well in all parts of Kenya.

The song was shared across all social networks and played by every TV station and Radio. Mambo Mseto’s Willy M Tuva personally visited Mombasa to meet the artist after he released the song.


The above list is of Kenya’s top 5 songs of 2020 according to our research and findings. Those of you with different opinions we ask you to leave your comment in the comment section below giving as a list of your best songs of 2020.

Also share with us some of your best songs from upcoming new talents so we can try help them grow too. Mgahawani is dedicated to supporting all upcoming talents make it through music or any field they are good at.

The above list of the best artists of 2020 was compiled by Feddy Madebe for Magahani media 2020.

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